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Search results

  1. Lightning Commuter goes long haul: 96 hours covering 1700 miles

    I had the need to make a Pacific Coast run out and back on I90 east on business to Great Falls, Montana: Leaving Thursday at 4:30 am and back by Monday at 3:30 am. 96 hours covering 1700 miles+ another score in local travel. Being in “Rome” I drove some pretty insane speeds 75-80 on quaint...
  2. But can it sharpen razor blades?

    In all of its 2023 glory and I say SteamPunk or the glory days of Art Deco are more fun and.. interesting.. https://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-cybertruck-photos-show-changes-from-elon-musk-early-designs-2023-9
  3. S.O.- “It’s going to be a tight fit!” 😂

    But in it went. Took me three weeks to find two feet. I swear it’s the same size as my ‘99 7.3 Super Duty extended cab. That was a squeeze. Of course there’s 10 bikes+ spare wheels, a freezer.. a few rolly racks, some tools..canoe paddles, a door frame, a clam gun, freezer, two drill presses...
  4. Lightning commuter after 50K on the Mach-E

    Put 50K in 2 years on the Mach E now I’m rolling heavy in the LT Lariat ER w/3,232 miles in the last 5 weeks. My round trip of 88 miles a day in coastal Washington has had over the past several years all the drama of flat tires (2), hitting critters (2nd deer in 4 years), locked myself out...
  5. My first 100% (well 99%) charge and 320 mile range (estimate).

    I commute about 90 miles a day, rural two lane. Pretty flat, a couple of modest 6% grades. Summer months the MME averaged 4.1 Mi/KW. Pleasantly surprised to see decent range out of the Lt. and that’s an average of about 2.4 Mi/KW.