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Search results

  1. Issue with rear spoiler🏎️

    I have Lariat with the power tailgate. Whenever I put it in Sport mode, I notice that the spoiler doesn't auto adjust like the Bugatti Chirons does... I have to get out and adjust it manually like a regular XLT owner. Anyone know if there is a TSB for this yet? Super deflating when I'm...
  2. Priority Update 22-PU0722-DC-CHG3

    Just got this .. didn't see other mentions of it. Super important because Ford knows how important DC fast charging is to me... A user that hasn't DC fast charged this year...
  3. Surprised by tire wear

    Stock Hankook AT2s at 9000mi. Kept at 36 pissys per the door, which usually results in around 38/39 while driving. Seems like the fronts are wearing hard. Kinda wishing I'd rotated at 5000mi but I was holding out for the 1 year service. Stock tires are on the truck. A new factory set is...
  4. Recommend a sunshade for the windshield

    Who's rocking what? Would you buy it again?
  5. Redirecting the drivers floor HVAC vent

    Resolved: 🙈 Post #6 for DIY solution. ----- Let me set the stage... I drive with sandals on, because I live in California. I like to keep my HVAC set on the upper vents and the lower vents (none of that auto business). It moves more air, more quietly. This results in a rectangular 3 hole...
  6. Fordpass and Google ASSistant integration broken

    https://assistant.google.com/services/a/uid/000000ac1d2afd15 This integration made up for a ton of the software shortcomings of the truck. When I was finishing getting ready in the morning, I'd ask Google to start my truck. By the time I grabbed my coffee and whatnot and got out the door, truck...
  7. How to.... Raise/Vent the sunroof with the shade closed

    Anyone got a trick or a hack for this? Id love to pop up the sun roof but keep the shade closed or as closed as possible. Best I can get is the front half shade wide open. Kinda defeats the purpose.
  8. California TRADE: LARIAT 20s w/ ATs for Platinum 22s

    Only looking to trade straight up. No cash. I'll sell them outright for $1700. Want a set of Platinum 22s with low mileage. Have a new set of Lariat 20s with the ATs off a 2023 truck (maybe 50 miles on them?) They even still have the protective sticker on the rim. Factory TPMS sensors...
  9. AC Charging Speed - What's more efficient?

    Maybe there's no difference, but since this edible is working overtime, I had a thought... Say I need to add 30kW to the truck to get back to my 90% charge target. Let's say I have 10 hours until I need to scram. Am I better to let my level 2 charger rip at a full 48A and charge the truck in...
  10. Only 50% Power available?

    Raining down here in SoCal.... Hopped in the truck to go pick up my kid. Get to the end of the street, see a gap in traffic and boot it to pull out.... Just like every day. Only today, I nearly spun it. After correcting it and collecting my thoughts, I pushed down on the go pedal. Only it...
  11. How do I make the suspension softer (like a Cadillac)?

    I've put some weight in the back of this things and it rides like an absolute dream. Anyone have a link to a resource that would show me how to calc the spring rate to make it ride like it has 2000lbs in the bed all the time?
  12. New(ish) Delivery - Noticing some install blemishes

    Picked up my Lariat 8/30. Sitting in it today at a light, I noticed a couple different panels with dings or marring. Got 200 miles of seat time for reference. Am I being too picky? Do others have marks like these? What would you do? I can't not see them now.