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Search results

  1. Borla Exhaust Sounds (Exterior Speaker) for the Lightning

    I think it would be fun to play around with
  2. Ford November incentives?

    I would just like to see to some attractive financing rates with the 7500. Oh well
  3. Help me justify the purchase!

    If you factor the state and federal rebates that's another $15k. 79k - 16k - 7.5k - 15k = 40.5k
  4. Help me justify the purchase!

    I had a '21 Ram Laramie that I factory ordered. I drove it for 2 years (23k miles) and traded it on a used '21 F150 Lariat Powerboost while waiting/giving up on my Lightning. Pics added of the lightning in question. Current Powerboost and former RAM.
  5. Help me justify the purchase!

    Excellent points VTHokies! This is my conundrum. I can get swayed either way.
  6. Help me justify the purchase!

    This wouldn't be the first vehicle I owned that my wife didn't care for that I owned. 😂 Honestly the new Lightning in 2 years and the RAM Rev (I have a deposit on one of those) coming so soon has me saying hold on.
  7. Help me justify the purchase!

    It is a problem for sure. I believe Tesla's had a software update to cycle the brakes every so often so they wouldn't seize up on one pedal drivers.
  8. Help me justify the purchase!

    I thought Seabrook got shut down.
  9. Help me justify the purchase!

    @mr.Magoo - good news, I do not have the AT tires. My truck thankfully does qualify for the Mass rebate. Shy of calling like Taxmanhog recommends. @WhipSticks - it's a small town local dealer who has been good to me. The color has grown on me. I pass the dealer daily and have stopped on...
  10. Help me justify the purchase!

    ** I could put more money down, but I do like preserving my cash as much as possible.
  11. Help me justify the purchase!

    Seems crazy I know...but here's the background and where my current deal is at. Placed a deposit on the second day orders reservations opened. I was in the second wave of orders. Atlas Blue Lariat ER order placed. My tentative build date was last fall and got pushed and pushed. Ford drops...
  12. Do Lightnings qualify for $1,000 Aged Inventory for Retail - s

    Just wondering if Lightnings qualify for the $1,000 Aged Inventory for Retail rebate?
  13. Lariat on the way! Favorite accessories?

    I'd skip the screen protectors unless you are using sandpaper gloves. My RAM and '21 F150 have no scratches. I need to clean smudges here and there, but that's all.
  14. F-150 Lightning FLASH Model Debuts with Heat Pump and Bigger Screen

    My guess is the heat pump being offered on the Flash model is just a test bed for the next-gen truck
  15. Flash Sitewide* 10% Off Sale here @ Beefcake Racing!!!

    Maybe they'll end up carrying suspension stuff for the lightnings.
  16. Finance Options?

    3.9 for 60 has been offered for a few months now. I'm sure it will renew for next month as well.
  17. Water sloshing, passenger side #2

    I had a seam issue in my 2015 F150 that resulted in a new carpet. It was the first year of the aluminum bodies. I had water in the channel like that. My water came from the back of the cab behind the bed. After it was fixed, never had the issue again and I had a new carpet to boot. Ha.
  18. Is BlueCruise included with Lariat?

    I'm a flawed individual. Mainly I'll grab it for the reasons that TaxmanHog stated. My father used to drive everywhere with a beer between his legs. When I'd question him, he'd say "Do as I say not as I do. I better never catch you doing this". So, I don't drive with a beer between my legs...