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Search results

  1. Towing a 19’ Escape Trailer and using Pro Power

    Last Week I borrowed my parents’ 2014 Escape 19 travel trailer for a shakedown trip up to Hearts San Simeon State Campground to test the feasibility of taking the rig on a West Coast Or even cross country trip next Spring. I knew range would get walloped but I didn’t know by how much. The...
  2. Easy way to safely access backup power for home and free (for some PG&E customers)

    As some of you may know, PG&E has been in the headlines for flipping the breaker when certain areas are under threat of fire. Usually during high wind events in CA. We live in the country and depend on a water well. PGE has tried to mitigate the issues by offering free powerwalls (I missed...
  3. Showing my Lightning at Earth Day event, how to disable start?

    I’m showing my truck an an EV event tomorrow. I’m fine with people sitting in it etc but I’m worried about them starting it and possible driving it accidentally. How can I set it up so the display is on but the truck isn’t in jeopardy of someone starting it? I’ll be nearby with the key in my...
  4. Strange regen coasting behavior anyone else?

    Here’s the situation. We have a cabin in the mountains. There is a long and steep decent when we return home dropping 5000 feet of elevation over about 10 miles. Basically I apply very little throttle and we coast/regen down the whole way at about 67 MPH no braking required just coasting and...
  5. Found 1.99% lending for up to 72 months (California registered vehicles)

    I was debating between a cash purchase a loan or a combination as a result of the increase in interest rates. I did a search and came across a rate I though too good to be true. This last week I opened the required checking and savings accounts ($5/each) and finished all the loan paperwork at...
  6. My price went DOWN on my Lariat ER. Anyone else? What’s that about?

    I was able to Pull my window sticker last week and the price matched The Ford order page. my Build date is next week. Tonight I pulled up the Ford page and noticed The price had dropped down to $79,864 including delivery (ignore the dealer $3k mark up, I have it in writing they won’t charge...