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  1. Fisker opens reservations for the Alaska

    Fisker opens reservations for the Alaska pickup. $250 https://www.fiskerinc.com/alaska Should be competitive with the eventual R2T.
  2. Priority Update: 22-PU0930-RBA-CHM: Frunk Chime Vol, SOC digits

    Just got this notification. This is one that requires the vehicle to be off (scheduled).
  3. Drive Mode Unavailable

    I've been having this issue for a few months now. Thought it might be an isolated glitch until I saw others posting about it on Facebook. When I'm in Sport mode, the truck will occasionally kick me out of Sport mode back to Normal. I'll get a message on the instrument cluster saying Drive Mode...
  4. Remote Start, Odd Interaction with Frunk

    I just noticed today that if I remote start my Lightning, then while it's started...unlock it, and open the frunk my truck turns off. I did it twice to verify. Slightly frustrating, as I was trying to load the frunk while my cabin was getting to an optimal temperature. It's not the biggest...
  5. Ford's Lightning; How they ruined a great product.

    TLDR; Ford had the opportunity to capture a Market with their revolutionary product, they have let everyone including their employees down. It's starting to be reported that most, if not all, of reservations have gone out. My thoughts are strictly geared to the consumer market (as Ford treats...
  6. New minor update issue (timezone change)

    Well, on the heels on 4.2.1, I recieved After 4.2.1, I had an issue where the truck thought it was in a different Timezone (+2 hours ahead of me in PDT) for all charging and conditioning related settings. I deleted all my charge and conditioning settings, reconfigured them, and haven't...
  7. Confirmed Fix for MY23 FordPass Connectivity Issue = 4.2.1 PowerUp OTA Update

    To all of you with a MY23 experiencing FordPass connectivity issues: This morning I recieved the 4.2.1 PowerUp update, I have been informed this contains the official fix for the FordPass communication errors. For those of you who are still having issues, please disconnect your 12v battery to...
  8. Stubby Antenna Help

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone here has found a stubby antenna which has a base width that matches our Lightning's? I've tried a couple different ones and they all have a weird gap at the bottom due to how the Lightning's antenna stack is.
  9. 2023 Lightning Owner’s Manual PDF

    For those interested, I finally found a pdf of the 2023 Lightning Owners Manual. https://www.ford.ca/support/vehicle/f150-lightning/2023/owner-manuals/ https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2023_Ford_F-150_Lightning_Owners_Manual_version_1_om_EN-US.pdf I...
  10. Ford Charging SR owners for Backup Power

    Logged into my FordPass account today and noticed in connected services there was an option for me to activate Intelligent Backup Power. It seems in addition to purchasing the FCSP and having to coordinate with SunRun, Ford is charging a one time software fee of $500. I assume this is only for...
  11. Rivian removes Max Pack battery + Quad-Motor option from R1T orders

    Interesting, they are going back and making people that have already ordered change their orders. They either need to select less motors or a smaller battery. https://electrek.co/2022/12/21/rivian-removes-max-pack-battery-quad-motor-option-from-r1t-orders/
  12. Tesla to J1772 adapter (48a): Black Friday Deal

    Just an FYI, there is a decent deal on a couple of adapters for Tesla to J1772 on Amazon today. This is the one I picked up: Keruida Tesla to SAE J1772 Charging Adapter Max 48A 250V Portable Fast Charging, Compatible with Tesla Wall Box, Tesla High Powered Connector, Destination Charger, and...
  13. Potential Rail Strike, again

    Well, I won't post links to a news source (so this doesn't turn into a political battle), but as of this morning the chances of a rail strike, in 2 weeks, are back. This could be brutal for anyone needing their truck before end of year for tax credits.
  14. Lifting vs Lowering and effect on Range

    When my truck arrives I'm considering leveling my truck. I'm not partial to lowering or lifting, either are fine in regards to leveling. Having an SR though, I am curious...which would be a bigger detriment to range: leveling by raising the front, or leveling by lowering the back? Having only...
  15. New Window Sticker EPA Fuel Economy - SR MY23

    For those that haven't seen it, this is the updated range/fuel economy on the MY23 SR Window Sticker (this was off a Pro, but should be the new range on all SR variants): Since the only thing Ford changed to get these numbers was adding heated seats as Standard to the Pro, technically all...
  16. Silverado EV 2025 Estimation on Reservations

    Just thought I'd post this, I have a very early reservation for a Silverado EV. If I log into to their system to manage my reservation this is what it is currently showing me: 2025 Chevrolet SILVERADO EV WT OR RST Estimated MSRP (Excludes DFC*) Starting at: $39,900.00 *Estimated Destination...
  17. New Tires on MY23? (Photo)

    Someone recently posted a picture of a Lightning near the production facility in Avalanche color. Due to the color I'm insinuating this is an early MY23 model... The truck itself looked like an XLT. Upon zooming in I notice the tire is "General Grabber" (picture below). Is this the same as what...
  18. Weight vs Aero on exterior accessories

    I plan on keeping my truck, externally, as close to stock as possible. The one thing I will be adding on is running boards (for my kids). I'm trying to figure out which has a greater effect on range (negatively); the extra weight of a motorized RB or a standard RB which protrudes from the...
  19. 2023 Pro already scheduled for production

    Just thought I'd put this out there. Another forum member has his 2023 Pro (ordered last month) already scheduled for production in October. Was that Autumn 2023 estimate just to scare people off that didn't want to wait? Original Post Here