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Search results

  1. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

    I don’t expect that RWD Cybertruck will ever see the light of day.
  2. First trip after switching from Tesla.

    Great report! I've also had no issues with EA. To the point about efficiency, my truck is at 2.1 mi/kWh since new, so roughly EPA numbers are definitely doable. With that said, we don't get cold weather here, so we never have to deal with that and the cold weather impact on range etc. I don't...
  3. Warranty Thoughts

    You can and should explore cancelation, refund and repurchase elsewhere. You will save a lot. Well maybe, maybe not. The one thing of which we can be most certain is that these warranties are going to cost more in future than they cost today, no matter where you buy. The current prices are...
  4. “This Trip” does not reset

    The foot on the brakes when turning off trick worked 100% of the time for me to the point where I typically do that out of habit now, but I believe the failure to reset the trip meter was fixed anyway in a recent software update. The issue I see now is an occasional failure to update the miles...
  5. I know why Ford can't sell all Lightnings on dealer lots.

    I bought a Bronco and a Lightning when both were very much in demand, very much in short supply and when ADM was very much a thing. My dealer, one of the biggest in the San Francisco Bay Area, was a pleasure to deal with, sold at MSRP as they never charge ADM, didn't try to load up the deal with...
  6. BlueCruise experience after a few thousand miles - luke warm

    The nags are absolutely not working well. The big one is when it asks you to suddenly resume control or tells you that it no longer is running with the truck having control with an easily missable nag that's nowhere near as forceful as it should be. The warning that pops up when it worries you...
  7. Curious on Body Panel Strategy on T3 - is it easily repairable?

    If this is the same one that featured in other articles this past week a repair was done elsewhere, and it ended up costing a fraction of the original 41K quote. sometimes there's a story behind the story.
  8. Treasury releases guidance for new EV tax credits

    oh absolutely. You have to think these are now (mostly) on the way out and people should know to just go to a different dealer but yes that wouldn't help.
  9. Treasury releases guidance for new EV tax credits

    that seems to work around the current requirement for the buyer to have enough of a tax liability to fully utilize the credit. it looks like it's effectively now just an income test, you confirm your eligibility at the point of sale and if you're subsequently found to have exceeded it when you...
  10. Will you accept delivery even with CSP-23B57 open on your truck?

    Right, but the two open CSPs aren't recalls. The trucks can't be sold with the ongoing recalls still open, but the regs don't prevent any sales when a CSP is open.
  11. Lightning and 4WD

    Ford describes the Lightning drivetrain as 4WD and not AWD on their technical specifications. I don't know that's a distinction that makes a difference for many users, but it's here on the spec sheet...
  12. Ford, BMW, Honda to Create ChargeScape, a Company Focused On Optimizing Electric Vehicle Grid Services

    OK. I like to consider myself a reasonably intelligent man. I've read that press release a few times, and I'm absolutely none the wiser on what the hell it is that they are talking about. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that we are doomed to an eternity of buzzword bingo.
  13. Buyer Beware- avoid Lightning- Powertrain Malfunction off lot

    it is frustrating, it shouldn't happen but it does and it can happen to any vehicle. It's all fixable. You're not going to be able to return it.
  14. Ford Expands BlueCruise Availability with Complimentary Trial, Monthly Or Annual Activation

    That's very helpful - just purchased. Thanks very much!
  15. Ford Expands BlueCruise Availability with Complimentary Trial, Monthly Or Annual Activation

    @G-Zeus what Bluetooth dongle are you using with ABRP? I’m looking to get one so interested in your recommendation.
  16. Ford Expands BlueCruise Availability with Complimentary Trial, Monthly Or Annual Activation

    oh I think we all have an expiration date on that page. But we’re not yet in 2025, and not everyone has an unqualified window sticker which makes no reference to a time limit or trial period. So some interesting times ahead of us when ford wants to start charging.
  17. Ford Expands BlueCruise Availability with Complimentary Trial, Monthly Or Annual Activation

    Interested to see how this plays out. The window sticker on my 2022 lists Blucruise as an included feature and makes absolutely no reference to any trial period (I understand later ones did). Perhaps the updates such as 1.3 make some subscription cost palatable, but I won't be happy if Ford...
  18. Why Ford, Why?

    The risk is that an OTA update has unintended consequences that don't become apparent until it's been pushed out to the field, and the drip feed approach reduces the risk of a fleet wide issue impacting all Lightnings at once. Anyone who works in software development will tell you that no...
  19. “This Trip” not resetting after shutting down.

    until the software gets updated, you can force the trip meter to reset at the end of your trips by holding the the brake when you power down the truck.