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Search results

  1. Water in Tailgate Light Bar

    Contacting my dealer about this later today, just wondering if anyone else experienced this? I've got what started out as a little bit of moisture in both sides of the tailgate light bar, but now it is just full on water sitting in it, a few days after the last time it really rained.
  2. 3D Printed Passenger Window Button Protector

    I was disapointed that all 4 windows aren't locked when the window locks are engaged, so I made this. It will hopefully keep my pups from lowering the window when they are sitting on passenger's lap or by themselves. It can still be used for smaller phones, my s21 fits in it still even with...
  3. No software version info on screen or in Ford Pass app

    I tried seeing what version of the Truck software I am on, and it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere. I looked through basically every page in the Ford Pass app, and in the settings in the truck, under update details, it just says "your system is up-to-date". Am I missing something, or is my...
  4. Convert coin holder to phone mount (Lariat)

    Anyone seen this done? I have a 3D printer, wonder if I can make a part that will snap nicely into the coin holder, and hold a magnetic phone mount.