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Search results

  1. AMP Research BedStep Installation

    AMP has just begin to ship their new bed step that installs on the driver's side corner of the 2021 F-150 bumper. I've used their steps on prior trucks and waited for this version to become available for the 2021 model. They tell my I got the first one shipped, and it showed in the...
  2. Speedo Calibration With Larger Tires - Why?

    We see discussion on this forum about folks using FORScan or having their dealership recalibrate their truck's speedometer after changing to larger wheels/tires. Vehicles used to have a mechanical connection cable between the transmission and the speedo, so any change in diameter would alter...
  3. Planning to try and charge my Tesla MX with the 7.2kw generator

    Planning to try and charge my Tesla MX with the 7.2 just to see if it is a backup option for my wall charger.