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Search results

  1. I Hate The Rain Sensing Wipers

    I like the idea of rain sensing wipers but hate the implementation. The wipers rotate between moderate speed and high speed even when the intensity of the rain doesn't change. I tried turning off rain sensing in the settings and that apparently does nothing as rain sensing still happens with...
  2. Weekend Thanksgiving Trip

    Made a trip this weekend from Southern NH to Mid-Coast Maine for a cousins only Thanksgiving get together of about 30. Everybody who saw the Lightning in the driveway when they arrived were intrigued by it and all had a bunch of questions as soon as they walked through the door. All the same...
  3. Why Are So Many Public EV Chargers Broken?

    This video shines a light on the sad state of DCFC.
  4. First Impressions of a 2023 Lightning from a 2022 Owner

    I am in Day 1 of my 2023 Lariat ER experience after trading up from a 2022 Lariat SR. Everything is mostly the same as I expected it to be. Really the only difference I have noticed (other than range obviously) is the finish and feel of the steering wheel. The wheel of the 23 has a “cheaper“...
  5. Traded in my ‘22 Lightning for a ‘23

    I traded in my 10 month old Lariat SR for a Lariat ER today. I do a lot of driving daily (26,000 in 10 months) but bought the SR to stay under the tax credit threshold. With the previous price reductions now qualifying the ER and the recent $7,500 Ford incentive I decided to pull the trigger. I...
  6. Heat Turns On Automatically

    Something that is frustrating me is the heat turns on by itself. For example today I was driving with the AC on and the cabin temp set to 73 and AUTO on. The outside temperature was 83 according to the truck. Suddenly the air started to feel warm and I check the climate control and the heat was...
  7. Random Cabin Preconditioning

    For the second time this week I came out to the truck with the heat preconditioning the cabin. I had this set in departure times previously when it was winter but turned it off. I checked the settings in both the truck and Fordpass app and it is off in both places but yet the truck still heats...
  8. Number of modules in the battery pack

    Does anybody know how many modules make up the battery pack of an extended range lightning? I know for a fact there are nine modules in the standard range