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Search results

  1. Texas FS: FCSP, unopened, $800 OBO, Central Texas

    Looking to sell my brand new in box FCSP which I never opened. No space on my home service or breaker panel. $800, OBO. I'm in Austin, TX. Pickup preferrable but will ship if you cover it. Can also get it to Houston or San Antonio soon-ish.
  2. What letter? PAAK

    I received this update. But I have not received a letter. Where would it have gone?
  3. Central TX camping?!

    Looking for recommendations on state parks or camping spots in general that offer 30 or 50a hookups. Was looking at Garner but it’s full up, sadly. So where have you been Site recommendations? Time of year?
  4. Extra trip appearing in FPA

    Since yesterday I noticed an additional trip and distance being shown on my driving log. I definitely did the 9.3 yesterday morning but not the 16. The evening drive was definitely not 31 miles. Has anyone else seen this? I think there was an update recently so maybe there’s a bug.
  5. For those with a demo, what OTA do you have?

    I’ve got a demo on 3.5.3 which seems behind. It also doesn’t have PaaK which I’ve read that I need to go to a dealer and have them update some things to resolve. I also had to call support to get them to remove my truck from fleet mode. My question is what version of the OTA do y’all with demos...
  6. Painted tow hooks?

    I'd be interested to see your painted tow hooks. I have a darker truck and was thinking a dark blue or even the blue on the lightning logo might look sweet. Maybe I'll photoshop it. Anyone know the color code by chance?
  7. Spacing and/or pictures of 2 child seats?

    If anyone has two child seats installed, would you be able to take a photo and maybe a measurement of the space between them? I'm curious if it's going to be possible for someone to squeeze between them. Personally we have two - one rear facing and one forward facing, for the time being. So if...