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Search results

  1. Missing Tire Pressure App

    It used to be on the instrument panel under truck info. Not there anymore. Haven't had any updates yet
  2. Android auto calls

    Just tried AA yesterday to test Google maps directions. Got an incoming call today. I just heard static. Caller tried again tried answering still incoming static. They called 3rd time, this time I could hear them fine. Caller stated they could hear me on earlier tries but I couldn't hear them
  3. Missing Tire Pressure App

    I've only had my lariat er for 2 weeks. Tire pressure disappeared from the instrument cluster yesterday. Used it several times before. Never saw anything in the center console for Tire pressure. Ford pass is my only way to see it now.
  4. First Range Test Towing a Folding Trailer

    Did you precondition before your trip? I wonder how much that might affect range?
  5. SOC Display in Instrument Cluster?

    @Ford Motor Company why are new trucks off the line missing updates others received months ago?
  6. 🛠 9/18/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    Thanks @TaxmanHog for all the info. Just wish @Ford Motor Company was more forthcoming on cause of delays
  7. 🛠 9/18/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    Told dealer I want because software update installed.23b57. Acted like didn't know what I was talking about
  8. 🛠 9/18/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    Emailed dealer to check status. He told me this week. Got another email 30 mins later truck is in. Ford site doesn't show shipped yet👍
  9. Warranty Thoughts

    I've been looking for documentation about what's exactly covered under battery vs powertrain warranty. Have seen anything. Can you point me to any?
  10. Which Charger to use?

    If you're referring to the mobile charger, I don't think you'll get anywhere near 30 miles per hour. Maybe 15? I don't have that.
  11. Tonneau cover | convince me

    Have the x2s on my current truck. Planning on installing ths X4S on the lightning if it ever gets here
  12. 🛠 9/18/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    I'm still stuck at built. Was promised delivery by 10/30 then 11/6 but still hasn't shipped. My ford pass is at activation pending
  13. Any reason to wait for 2024 Model?

    And removed the included charge station pro
  14. Any reason to wait for 2024 Model?

    They removed the dual chargers in 24, no more 80 amp charging. Also pro power is a paid option no longer bundled with lariat
  15. ✅ 9/25/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    How do you access the personal order tracker? I'm at built but no ETA is provided. I must be using the public tracker
  16. Surprise, i got sent a Ford Charge Station Pro?

    The 100 amp circuit is overkill unless you are doing 200+ miles daily. I've also heard the FCSP is buggy
  17. Lightning's trip to LA and back to SC. 1400 miles. Flawless performance

    Your charging costs are much less than I get in the Chicago area. Pass+ is around .36 per kw