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Search results

  1. Received recall update OTA

    I received this update today. I was hoping it was my PAAK update but alas....
  2. First quick trip in my Lightning Platinum got a lot of attention

    Today I took my first quick trip in my Platinum. We left North Georgia and went to Cookeville Tennessee. I used Ford navigation for the trip since it factors in charging. I started from home with 90 percent. Drove mostly 75mph on cruise. I drove normally and didn't get into it on the way up...
  3. Mine arrived and delivered early today!!!

    My Platinum in smoked quartz arrived early today. It wasn't scheduled to arrive until 6/20. They think I'm the first one to purchase in North Georgia. Didn't have time to grab great pics yet. This thing is a real game changer and makes my 21 Limited power boost seem clunky.