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  1. 1 year report

    I've had my Lightning since October 5th 2022. Only issue I've had not tied to terrible software or recall has been a rattle in my passenger door. I reset Trip 2 on the day I picked it up. Seems that the Trip resets mileage when it reaches 10k. Here are the numbers.
  2. FCSP FordPass controls

    Dear @Ford Motor Company I say this with all due respect. Your software controls are a hot, steamy, pile of dog crap. I've been using FordPass, in one form or another, since our 2017 Escape. It's never worked correctly or reliably, and that makes me wonder why you decided to use it to...
  3. Treasury releases guidance for new EV tax credits

  4. First Cybertruck rolls off assembly line

    https://www.cybertruckownersclub.com/forum/threads/tesla-first-cybertruck-built-at-giga-texas-🤠.8766/ https://electrek.co/2023/07/15/tesla-has-built-first-cybertruck-at-giga-texas/
  5. Battery consumption since recent updates

    Has anyone else noticed higher battery consumption since the recent barrage of updates? I usually use 17 to 18% battery on each leg of my commute. After the update, I'm using 20%. Same tire pressure, no climate being used, same mi/kWh. It just doesn't make sense.
  6. Electrify America Pass+

    For those of you that have signed up for the Electrify America Pass+ for a month, then immediately cancelled so you only get charged for the one month, I have a couple of questions Does the month start on the day that you signed up? If I sign up on the 20th does the membership rate last...
  7. Good MotorTrend article on the GOM and winter range

  8. Ford reverses course, will keep AM radio on future models

  9. Ford to shift workers to Lightning assembly plant

  10. Ram range extender

    Is a gas generator. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/chrysler/2023/02/28/rams-range-electric-paradigm-breaker-will-power-battery-with-engine/69954785007/
  11. Delete PAAK

    I upgraded my phone. I'm trying to set up my PAAK but it says I can't use the same name as the previous key, which is the name of my phone. I changed the name of this phone to match the name as my last phone. How do I delete the key currently in the truck associated with that name? For the...
  12. Charging, or not charging, outside of Preferred Times

    @Ford Motor Company, I really have a love-hate relationship with my Lightning. And it's your software I hate. Of course the truck itself is going to be solid. Ford has been building F150's for decades, and you know what they are doing. By using a tried and true platform, you have a solid...
  13. DTE update

    Got the DTE update tonight when I got home from work. Can't drive during this update. Took about 20 minutes. Be aware, if you have your truck plugged in it will immediately start to charge when it's finished, no matter if it's outside your set times or not.
  14. Scheduled charge never started

    I would like to thank @Ford Motor Company for my cold drive into work. Plugged in yesterday about 4pm. Charge Schedule starts at 11. Woke up this morning to remote start my truck to go into work and it didn't start charging until I hit the start button in the app. By the time I left, I had...
  15. Innacurate charge completion estimates with FCSP

    Is anybody else getting wild and innacurate guesses on when your truck will reach your set charge level using the FCSP? I never had these messages using my Emporia charger. Before my 11:00pm scheduled time to start, it guesses that it will take until 6am to finish. I don't have a screenshot...
  16. Charge Station Pro Charge Rate

    I know that there is a dial under the cover to adjust the charge rate, but can you adjust it through the app? If you have it on a 100 amp breaker, and have 80 amps selected on the max setting switch, can you lower the maximum charge rate through the app?
  17. Preconditioning settings and results

    I've seen a lot of talk about preconditioning, but never any specifics. I thought I would show what my truck went through this morning. My truck reached 90% earlier in the night. I have preconditioning set for 5:45AM and to be warm. At 5:25 it started drawing 26 amps. And it...
  18. Slow charging on AC

    First time charging. Lariat ER. I ran the battery down to 50%. I have an Emporia EV charger hardwired on a 60 amp circuit, set for 48 amps. My Emporia app is only showing a 24/25 amp draw and the charge rate is fluctuating. Garage is in the upper 60's temperature wise, just got back from a...
  19. Charge Station Pro installation

    To those that have installed their Charge Station Pro, I have a couple of questions. I don't have mine yet but will have time this weekend do so most of the prep work. The installation instructions and pictures in the manual are a bit vague. My questions are: 1. How high up are you mounting...