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  1. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Order 90000640 Question everyone. If u want to access special kWh rate (membership) we should use only tesla app, correct?
  2. NACS adapter is now on Ford parts website (but can't be ordered yet)

    Lol correct. i have entered my VIN and search VRK9Z10E805A -- got an error that such part isn't compatible with my vehicle 😅😂
  3. Can now buy air struts for lightning

    Yeah 😬. Absolutely, if i decide to do it, I'd install it at back bed or spare tire area. The owner of that truck in the video will be having fun accessing the LVB 🥲
  4. Can now buy air struts for lightning

    Correct u can adjust it as u wish. Efficiency should be better however don't know if will justify the cost. I am thinking to do it but still in doubt. This is a video of the final product.
  5. Can now buy air struts for lightning

    Hey there now new universal air kit model https://www.universalair.com/shop/ford-f150-lightning-solution-series-3933#attr=2117 Air management https://www.airliftperformance.com/product-lines/3h Dual pack air compressor https://www.viaircorp.com/dual-packs/485c-gen2-dual-value-pack Air...
  6. Power-Up OTA 6.8.0 - Smart Changes: Center Screen

    Finally! 6.8.0 installed Vodoo instructions (for mine) Left away (out of signal reach) keys and turned off Fordpass all night. Turned off schedule updates. Left truck connected all night. Level 2 This morning drove 20min. Fordpass still off line. Used physical key for driving. Headlights...
  7. Power-Up OTA 6.8.0 - Smart Changes: Center Screen

    Question What is the maximum value of the LVB temperature? currentLvBatteryTemperature":"10""
  8. Power-Up OTA 6.8.0 - Smart Changes: Center Screen

    In my case, 6.8.0 still failing to update, BMS sensor replaced (before the update came), Dealer did BMS reset after it. I never had an issue with the updates and now I have an issue. Go figure too. CSP recall is cleared in my list... I will keep trying and see if can find the magic spell for...
  9. Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System self-install

    Hey guys. Great to hear that some of u went through the steps and it worked. Question regarding the HIS activation in the truck. Does the dealership have to activate Intelligent Backup Power? Can it be active it without buying an actual Sunrun system just yet? Thks
  10. F-150 Lightning Electrical System Overview – w/ 12v Battery, Power and Ground Points

    Both wrong. See below pic the 12v battery tray is at least 3+" longer. Also see attached the 12v battery state of charge graph, during idle (mach e). The dc dc will kick in to maintain the battery charged in idle or while charging. I have asked AG tech team and they said the threshold for the...