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Search results

  1. Question on one pedal driving.

    I love 1 pedal driving. But was curious about when it stops. It feels like the brakes engage but the Brake hold indicator is not lit. Only if you tap the brake pedal does it come on. So are the brakes actually applied when you roll to a stop? ( it feels like they are) or only if you tap the...
  2. Pro Power for the Win

    Another year, another storm. High winds yesterday took out our power. Last year same thing we were out for almost a week and using a noisy gas guzzling portable generator. This year Pro power to the rescue. With a pre-existing generator plug, my Lariat ER is handling everything nicely with...
  3. Side alerting but nothing there

    During parking and backing up right side gives a object detection alert when nothing is there. I've looked but try to see whwre the sensor is located. Is it part of the blis I the taillight or does it use the cameras for detection? I can't find a real clear answer on the diffence between the...
  4. What are you getting for factory all-terrain tires on recent Lariat orders

    Can someone chime in on a recent delivery what you got for the factory All terrain tires? The build tool doesn't go into detail. I know they were shipping with general all seasons but no clue what the all terrains were.