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  1. How good is Blue Oval charging network for auto connect and payment?

    Aaaaaaand of course. Now I'm having an issue where stations are listed as available but I can't select them to activate it. Ford, mate, what's going on?
  2. How good is Blue Oval charging network for auto connect and payment?

    Other than the FordPass app seemingly not able to refresh charger status RIGHT after its been finished being used, I use it exclusively. Countless times has someone left a DCFC, for me to try and activate it after, yet the app says it's still in use. Thankfully Charge Assist sees otherwise.
  3. Google Maps EV Routing Demo on Ford Sync 4A at CES 2024

    What even is an update? What's it like to even record and send voice feedback?!
  4. One Pedal vs Two Pedal Driving — which is more efficient?

    I only drive 1 Pedal Driving and switching between cruise and 1PD smoothly took a bit. All it takes is lightly pushing the pedal and then canceling and there's zero jerkiness in my experience. I find friends are always surprised how smooth the Lightning goes. Oh, and you can set a Memory Recall...