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  1. Parts availability for collision repair (Fender bender in Lariat ER)

    Drove it around for a month added 4,000 miles and I didn’t notice any difference in efficiency
  2. Estimated Mileage decreased after Software Update

    I never watch Range after putting 30 thousand miles on my lightning. I know that 10% is 13kWh and calculate quick math on what I’m getting at that moment for the trip I’m on. You do it so much the math becomes second nature and you just know almost instantly what you have for range.
  3. “High” Mileage Lightnings…LETS SEE EM!

    Let’s see those high mileage Lightnings boys. Bought mine April 16th, 2023. Smashed it in August and had to put 4,500 miles on the rental while it was in the shop. Just about to crest 30K miles should be about 34k. and don’t believe what you hear on the internet 😉 these things love the winter!
  4. Parts availability for collision repair (Fender bender in Lariat ER)

    Just saw this and I apologize. They had to replace all the body panels and hood. Didn’t crack the charge port or the drunk liner. Still did $16,000 worth of damage which insane. It pushed the left and right fenders up into the pillars and chipped the paint down to metal. You should see the...
  5. 10 K Refund.

    What was your purchase date. Mine was April 14th, 2023. Prolly not close enough
  6. 10 K Refund.

    Great point. I would love to see them do something a little extra for 1st gen original owners of the lightning when the T3 comes out and they aren’t hemorrhaging cash. I know this is old but I just came across this thread
  7. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

    Ford will have Toyotas solid state battery and Mercedes “Axial Flux” motor.m before both of them lmao. Ford quietly makes an ev truck and tells every other manufacturer to basically hold my beer. I traded in a 6.7 for the lightning. And I myself am shocked at what ford pulled off and the...
  8. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

    If the baiting for is true. Then how stupid is Chevy. They will never be able to offer those battery sizes at that cost.
  9. Parts availability for collision repair (Fender bender in Lariat ER)

    It was a lot. 16k in total. It didn’t break the charger port or the of the frunk bin. But everything else had to be replaced. Body lines aren’t as tight after the collision repair work.
  10. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

    It’s funny bc a software update could give it to more than just the limited. But honestly The speed now is too fast. My wife won’t even drive it she’s afraid of my lightning. Wish it had a lower power mode
  11. Parts availability for collision repair (Fender bender in Lariat ER)

    I smashed my 23 lightning in August 5 they got me I. September 4 and I got my truck back October 5. 16k later.
  12. BlueOval Charge Network Trial Extended One Year Complimentary

    Almost as shitty as taking blue cruise to 800$ a year right!? Right!? What a joke