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  1. Rough Country Power Running Boards Install and Thoughts after 7mo / 10k miles

    I put these in a few months back. I had a car rental in 2018 and got a free upgrade to brand new Expedition max eco boost which was a beautiful truck. My first experience with power running boards been wanting them ever since. Seeing it as a sub $300 option on some trims was painful for me...
  2. Truck Height for Parking Structures

    6’6’ -should- be good. As other mentioned, proceed with caution they’re not supposed to add conduit or have ramps that are issues for non commercial vehicles. It’s on them to maintain the posted clearance for expeditions, fans, or trucks with bed caps where that max height extends over most of...
  3. Oil Undercoat?

    Not to thread hijack but I've been worried about rust and wondering, is water washing really that effective? My understanding is sometimes it could make it worse, for example, any non-corrosive material like dirt and grease get removed and it gives road salt direct access to the metal frame, and...
  4. Powertools. Corded vs battery. Back to cords?

    Glad to hear both sides on this one After deliberating I’m most likely pulling the trigger on a cord leaf blower soon. Either than Bauer, the Toro, or one on Amazon that claims to pull 15A I’m always in range of the truck, want the most power, and if I can get a trusty driver I may be using it...
  5. Powertools. Corded vs battery. Back to cords?

    The M18 stuff is great, but one of the motivations is horsepower The impressive M18 blower p/n 2724-20 gives 120 MPH air at 450 cfm A 1 hp air mover gives 4000 cfm (brand dryer, or others). That’s 120v … I am looking too see if there are any 220v 30 amp equipment but haven’t found anything yet
  6. Powertools. Corded vs battery. Back to cords?

    I have a pretty good collection of m18 tools which get plenty of use around the house I’m thinking of buying the leaf blower and it got me thinking. I’m only going to be using it to blow out the garage and driveway, and dry furniture or other outdoor cleaning. Why not look for something that...
  7. Console to column shift swap mod?

    I was also super bummed to discover this This is the telescoping portion that slides in and out. You can see the bottom of it in the salvage part I posted a pic of above. This still has the flange welded to it the end that the rest of the steering wheel assembly bolts to i Probably won’t have...
  8. Console to column shift swap mod?

    looking at some eBay salvage parts it appears the bracket is normally welded to the extension tube so that would require either a column swap or a custom bracket. I’m not keen on using non oem components around the column im looking at the dash thinking the spot beneath the brake control would...
  9. Console to column shift swap mod?

    I can report that bolts holes are not there for column shifter (2023 pro) I’m hopeful the bolt holes are on another component that can be purchased and bolted to the steering tube, and not welded from factory. The search continues
  10. Console to column shift swap mod?

    Watching closely. I miss my floor space, console is going one way or another! I was planning on just the column shifter. First step will be to take off plastics around the steering column and see if mounting holes are there. I suspect, if so, it’ll be pretty easy to plug it in based on how easy...
  11. Price Protection After the Fact People

    13100 wow a lot of concerned parties are reporting their checks have come in. Has anyone 120+ days who ordered at original price but got charged higher by dealer not gotten a check?
  12. Price Protection After the Fact People

    Terry - I empathise with your situation
  13. After 3 months of trouble free L1 charging, tripping GFCI

    That was it. Got the unit changed out and we’re live again I hope this one lasts at least a couple years. I read someone complaining about a certain brand tripping again quickly after replacement on a Tesla forum and got a recommendation to use an Eaton so that’s what went in Thanks y’all!
  14. Price Protection After the Fact People

    glad to hear it and hope these stories keep coming in but wow so much unneeded stress. Not to mention excess taxes paid
  15. After 3 months of trouble free L1 charging, tripping GFCI

    Thanks for the replies. Haven’t had a chance to test an outlet at another location yet. I have found more reports on other ev forums of people having issues with these gfci outlets going bad so if chargers works out I may have to petition to get that changed
  16. After 3 months of trouble free L1 charging, tripping GFCI

    Monday morning I got a notice that charge didn’t complete I’ve been level 1 charging with Ford mobile charge cable for about three months to top off my short commute. The GFCI on the plug had tripped. I reset it and went to resume and it trips in about 10 seconds. I took a break for a couple...
  17. Mass MOR-EV-TRUCKS Rebate

    While USPS shortcomings remain frustrating they deserve some reprieve from my earlier comment. I reached out to MOR-EV after the 2nd 30-day period and a new contact there double-checked the system and told me that the 2nd check that was 'sent to me' was never actually issued. USPS can't fix...
  18. Price Protection After the Fact People

    Based on prior talks with the dealer I knew pestering would be only that, so I figured I wouldn’t get upset again until the time since purchase neared what the estimated payment timeframe was. Originally I was looking 45-60 days but following these threads I saw many getting paid around 80-90...