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  1. Tried the A2Z NACS to CCS adapter

    Visiting the ChargePoint Corporate offices in CA for some $0.25kWh charging and to test out the NACS to CCS adapter from A2Z. It supports up to 1000v and 500a and is charging the Lightning perfectly. It's a great sign of things to come with the Tesla / Ford partnership and I'm super excited for...
  2. Help my Lightning ⚡ get in a Tesla Calendar 📆🙏

    Ok community I need some support on Twitter/ X to get this Lightning ⚡ Easter egg into next years Tesla calendar 📆 If you look closely the tip of the Tesla "T" logo is in my Lightning ⚡. What a fun Easter Egg to make it into a Tesla calendar! Help vote for #3 please it is barely ahead! Let's...