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  1. Charging a Mach E With Charge Station Pro

    We are thinking about purchasing a 2023 Mach E Select. I understand that Ford intends for the Mach E to charge at a max amperage of 48 amps. I have a Charge Station Pro that is set to 80 amps For my Lightning. Can I safely plug the Charge Station Pro into the Mach E at the 80 amp setting? I...
  2. Ordered an Escape PHEV - Is There an Adapter for the FCSP?

    I have a 2023 Ford Escape PHEV on order. Is there an adapter that will allow me to use my Ford Charge Station Pro with that vehicle since the plugs are different?
  3. Case/Cover Broken

    I just opened the box to my Ford Charge Station Pro and discovered that two of the tabs that hold the white cover (with the ford logo) to the Charge Station Pro are broken. What is the process for getting a replacement cover?
  4. Spare Tires - Dissimilar Spares

    As you may or may not be aware, it appears that all of the Ford Lightnings are equipped with what is known as a full-size dissimilar spare tire assembly. This means that the tire size is different from the four road tires that are on the ground. Ford also looks at tread design and manufacture...
  5. Spray in Bed Liner and Bed Bolts

    Yesterday, I stopped by my local Line-X dealer for a quote on a spray in bed liner. During the course of the conversation, the Line-X dealer stated that they could no longer remove the bed bolts unless I provided a new set. The reason is because Ford apparently issued a bulletin that the bolts...
  6. Color of Rear Turn Signals

    On the ICE F-150s, I know that Ford has used amber turn signals for some trim levels and red for others. For those who have seen the F-150 Lightning in person, what color is Ford using for the F-150 LightNing? Is it the same for all trim levels or is it different like the ICE vehicles?
  7. Owners Manual Availability

    Now that we VINs and scheduled production weeks, when will the owners manuals for the Lightnings be posted on the Ford website? If you put in a VIN, it only comes back to the ICE F150 series.