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  1. ‘24 Flash Sighted in Dealer showroom

    Goes between XLT and Lariat. Adds tech features to the XLT without adding the sunroof or ventilated seats of the Lariat. If they had kept the XLT head unit it would have been the perfect truck for 99% of the use cases.
  2. Jim Farley's Note to owners as they open the NACS Adapter box 📝

    Very nice! Does it say on the back there will be an upgrade to a bigger capacity battery and 800 V architecture for minimal net cost after the existing battery is resold to a grid energy storage project? If so, the Lightnings will start flying off the lots!
  3. ‘24 Flash Sighted in Dealer showroom

    At Serramonte Ford in Colma, CA (10 min South of San Francisco) Shockingly there was no markup! I do think it would have been better served with the head unit from the XLT. Ask for Sebastian if you want to buy it. He was kind enough to answer all my questions. Note: I was there for a service...
  4. Ford stops shipment of 2024 Lightnings due to unspecified issue

    What a hoser! Every model year starts this way. Are you on the payroll of some stock shorter?
  5. HORRIBLE FORD EXPERIENCE: SP 23B57 and 23B70 delays along with HVB and Powertrain Malefunction warnings

    I suggest you start dialogs with the dealerships across the country. look what popped in my inbox today from one of the desperate dealerships:
  6. Lariat Leather installed in my Lightning Pro

    Katzkin for the win!
  7. Ground fault using manual transfer switch

    If you live in PG&E territory request the generator adapter collar for your meter. I read that the Pro power plugs in with no issues.
  8. New Simpler Approach for HIS wiring

    How would they know if I buy the parts and install it myself? Also the need for backup is temporary given an outage. That’s what the HIS is for. That’s what the collar is for.
  9. New Simpler Approach for HIS wiring

    That’s a negative ghost rider! Enphase is emphatic about what they will consider a generator attached to the System Controller. On our weekly calls, I always roast them for what they consider a generator! If it’s not spelled Generac they get confused.
  10. New Simpler Approach for HIS wiring

    Thank you sir! That pro power info is great! I believe Ford and Sunrun would be eager to support such a configuration as sales have been dismal to date. In theory this configuration is something any electrician could install with explicit instructions. The parts are not horrifically expensive...
  11. New Simpler Approach for HIS wiring

    Thanks! It’s nice to know it works with the 240V outlet in the bed and bonded neutral is not an issue! I would rather have it work with the FCSP and HIS though.
  12. New Simpler Approach for HIS wiring

    In my area PG&E tested a home backup generator connection last year. The test continues in 2024. I have signed up. The way it works is a new meter is installed with a collar that acts as an intelligent transfer switch. The collar also has a connection for a floating neutral generator...
  13. Flash Monroney Sticker

    Flash Window sticker for review. Cars dot com sent me an alert. I followed it to the dealer web site to share with the assembled brain trust!
  14. Ford Reduces F-150 Lightning Production to Match Customer Demand

    @Ford Motor Company If Ford can do a few simple things, Lightning demand will return. 1) Bigger battery (need more range) 2) 800 V architecture. (Faster charging on the road) 3) Act as a battery for Enphase, Solar Edge, etc. systems (the proprietary system Ford has with Siemens/Sunrun is a...
  15. F-150 Lightning Switchgear Off-Road Demonstrator Concept Revealed! Livestream TONIGHT @ 7PM EST

    @Ford Motor Company Can we have a bigger battery please? Hummer EV battery size please? 800 V please?
  16. Off-Grid Setup - Without Home Integration and SunRun Discussion

    Fun stuff! You can charge the truck and run 120/240 V outlets at the same time. I do not believe you can charge and pull power from the CCS connector at the same time without emulating the signaling used by the devices you are avoiding. I am attempting to bypass the same devices by working...
  17. 2" inch Readylift Level with 20 inch Method Wheels (+18) wrapped in 295 60 20 Recon Grapplers

    Nice! Be aware Toyo is bringing out EV all terrain tires with lower road rolling resistance next year. Idea is have extended range even with an all terrain tire.
  18. Tesla wants to charge reservation holders an extra $120k for early delivery of the Cyber Truck.

    Sadly the order document you see after ordering says you have to keep it for a year before selling to anyone other than Tesla. They will allow a transaction to continue at their discretion. If you violate that they want the profit plus $50K. Super lame.
  19. Consumer Reports Real-World EV range test, 22 EVs tested for range; F150 Lightning tested worst (50 miles less range than EPA estimate/claim)

    Anyone have any data about tire road resistance at various speeds? It would interesting to compare that against aerodynamic drag at various speeds. We know the Lariat has better range (20 miles) due primarily to the wheel/tire sizes. That’s a large percentage of the 50 miles CR is quoting...