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  1. I charged on a Supercharger

    What was your charging rate to the truck and SoC when you began?
  2. Need To Know If a Lightning Will Work For Me

    Sorry you thought that was offensive. I edited the original post. I was just trying to make a point that range worries become irrelevant when you exceed reasonable needs. A 600 mile range is great if you're towing and it becomes 330 miles. With EVs, charging infrastructure isn't there yet...
  3. Need To Know If a Lightning Will Work For Me

    I think viewing range like this is irrelevent. You can't drive that far without peeing or deep vein thrombosis. Even if you could, you would pass many price and time competitive sources of fuel. At some point, all you're really doing is unnecessarily hauling fuel around. In essence, you're...
  4. CEO Farley - Testing Ford NACS adapter (photo)

    What capacity? 200A, 300A, 500A? It's hard for me to imagine the form factor necessary to be both meaningful and safe, especially for big-battery 400V EVs.
  5. CEO Farley - Testing Ford NACS adapter (photo)

    Notice that the absolutely most important specification is missing from the specs at the bottom.
  6. CEO Farley - Testing Ford NACS adapter (photo)

    Boss Tweet would say, "2 B released w/Model2-Elmo" They've already removed thousands of bollards to give a bit more room. I think the V4 shells with longer cables will take a lot less time than you may think. I don't think anybody wants you to have to use extension cords any more than you want...
  7. Virginia 2022 Atlas Blue Lariat ER w/Max Tow – No Deletes – $55,000

    Virginia. Sold to a forum member today and heading out of state now. Thanks to the forum's members for all the great information and to @TaxmanHog for all the hard work he puts into the site!
  8. Best way to drive on the expressway for maximum battery life?

    This is the key point to all of this thread. It's about to get a lot better. Soon. The GOM will become more useless when you can confidently skip a charing stop because there's another reliable charger well within range.
  9. Gear shifter replacement / swap?

    This is the one I remember. It wasn't successful in this thread. Maybe it was in another one. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/console-to-column-shift-swap-mod.16707
  10. Priority Update-23-PU1113-UNX-DC [Connectivity]

    Could this be related to having the 23B70 Battery Monitor Sensor replacement or the BECM software updated at the dealer last week? What happens next? Thanks!
  11. Priority Update-23-PU1113-UNX-DC [Connectivity]

    UNX-DC installed yesterday for me, also. This morning, there's a cryptic announcement of an upcoming update. Better release notes, but leaves me wondering what they are trying to say? I guess I'm getting the release notes, but the update itself is not available yet. Typo is in original.
  12. Are J1772 AC contacts tolerant of HV DC?

    Both conditions and AC/DC differentiation are covered in the linked appendix and Section 4 of the original NACS document. Added:
  13. Precondition While Unplugged?

    It allows the truck's High Voltage Battery to prepare itself and the cabin for your departure time without being plugged into shore power. The reason it's an option is that it uses power from the HVB and can negatively impact overall range.
  14. Are J1772 AC contacts tolerant of HV DC?

    When Tesla opened up their standard and posted the original NACS documents, there was a technical drawing showing how it differentiated between various conditions. They have pulled that document and it now refers to the $195.00 SAE J3400 standard document. The NACS AC/DC Pin Sharing Appendix is...
  15. NACS adapter is now on Ford parts website (but can't be ordered yet)

    Not quite yet... https://www.ford.com/FastChargingAdapter
  16. Is your PAAK reliable?

    In my 2022, it also fits the glove box, console, locking fold-flat storage, and I think there's a lock on one side of the rear seats, where the jack is.
  17. Product to provide more support for center armrest?

    It's about 3/4" padding that feels like memory foam under the quilted pleather. The bottom is black low pile carpet with a kind of stiff backing. I never experienced any creaking. I suppose you could add a stiffener between the bottom carpet and the top of the console lid made from something...
  18. Any Plans for Future F150 ⚡️ App?

    In iOS, you can add something like the forum's "What's New" page URL to your phone's home screen and have about the same experience. Navigate to the page in the forum you want to open to, click on the Share Sheet icon, and scroll down to "Add To Home Screen +". You'll see the familiar "F" icon...