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  1. Tesla Supercharger network now up to 65 locations with Magic Dock (4/10/24)

    The magic dock / NACS connector are stored on the right side of the cabinet
  2. Tesla Supercharger network now up to 65 locations with Magic Dock (4/10/24)

    Used a magic dock in Rockland ME this morning. Even though these cables are longer on the V4 cabinets it was tight and I couldn’t get the charge to initiate by taking up one parking space. I got it working by taking two spaces. Still then the charge rate was only 88 kW.
  3. FIXED: Clicking noise when turning at slow speed

    Back in 2022 just a few days into ownership. I had to get a punctured tire dealt with and brought it to my long time mechanic and he told me he found all the lugnuts loose on all four tires.
  4. Ford Delays T3 Electric Truck Development and Updates EV & Hybrid Plans

    https://media.ford.com/content/ford...next-gen-evs--readies-manufacturing-plan.html Press Release: Ford Updates EV, Hybrid Plans, Readies Manufacturing Plants Ford continues to invest in a broad set of EV programs as it works to build a full EV line-up. In parallel, Ford is expanding its...
  5. I need info on home charging

    I picked up this exact unit even though my only EV is the Lightning and I think it's a great charger
  6. Since BlueCruise 1.4 is coming “soon”…

    Ford doesn't offer that color anymore.
  7. Out of Spec EV range test - Lightning/Cybertruck/R1T/Silverado

    I think the numbers you are seeing are typical. Maine is colder than Massachusetts where I do most of my driving and 79 mph versus 70 will see a decent drop in efficiency as well.
  8. Out of Spec EV range test - Lightning/Cybertruck/R1T/Silverado

    Even in a New England winter I can easily get 2.0 or 2.1 at 70 MPH
  9. What Features Do You Want to See In Next Gen Lightning?

    I would take any kind of shifter over a stalk style. It gets in the way of where I like my phone mount Built in dash cam and the ability to save recording from all cameras Faster processing power and more modern looking software A wireless phone charger that actually works with cooling or just...
  10. Twraps MagSafe charger for Lightning

    I think this is something like you are looking for...
  11. Anybody claimed their 2023 tax credit yet?

    I remember back in 2020 I got this same status message and it took like 9 months to get our refund :eek:
  12. Anybody claimed their 2023 tax credit yet?

    I e-filed 5 weeks ago and it's so frustrating checking everyday on the status of my refund and getting this
  13. SOC Display on Instrument Display

    No there isn't a setting. Just have to wait until Ford pushes the specific update to your truck
  14. Kyle and Tom race 1000 miles. NACS vs. CCS1

    Here's Kyle's video of this race:
  15. Truck is Bugging Out Today!

    PAAK still would not work this morning so I deleted the key and started over. No issues since and no reoccurrences of the issues I experienced yesterday.
  16. Jim Farley talks about switch to NACS

    I would trust Farley’s view and/or timeline of events more than Elon’s
  17. Truck is Bugging Out Today!

    I got the Tesla update last week as well
  18. Truck is Bugging Out Today!

    I have experienced a cluster of random issues today. First I got a notification on FordPass that my truck was accidentally unplugged. The problem is the truck had not been plugged in for about 7 hours. Then CarPlay would not work wired or wirelessly. A phone restart did not fix the issue but...
  19. Maintenance Schedule - 10k service

    I got my 10k done on Friday and was charged $30