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  1. Chest fridge for frunk

    Nah :) The 47 is 3.5" taller that the 35 so I doubt it would fit the FRonk. Traveling yesterday for a 3 hour trip and I used the 35 in the FRonk as a Freezer and the 55 in the bed as a Refrigerator. It worked perfectly. About 30 minutes before leaving I plugged in the coolers with an...
  2. All-electric, finally!

    23 Grey Lightning Lariat ER 23 White Tesla Y Long Range (hers) 23 Grey Tesla Y Long Range (his) 24 Ford F-450 Platinum as our 5th wheel tow vehicle. Previously owned 5 Nissan Leafs since 2015. I hate going to gas stations.
  3. Tire issue or alignment -- Anyone else seeing this kind of wear?

    Usually Ford will cover alignment under warranty for first 12,000 mile and first year.
  4. Tesla Destination Charger

    We have 2 Tesla Wall chargers. One at our home and one at our cabin. It charges our Teslas and our Lightning with a NACS to J1772 adaptor fine. The house one is connected to a 60 amp circuit and it charges noyh vehicles at 11.7 kws The one Cabin connected to a 50 amp circuit due to sub panel...
  5. Ford private offers up to $2,500 now ?

    1- I have a truck (F-450) on the way to the dealer right now. ETA is 4/14-4/22. it was built over 4 weeks ago and because of shipping delay my $2,000 PCO is useless since it expired on 4/2 2- I picked up another truck on 1/30 and I had another $2,000 PCO that was valid. When we did the...
  6. Fair Price on Used Lariat Trims (2022 & 2023)

    Try https://texasautovalue.com/ A few pictures and a phone call and they offered and bought my 2022 F-450 King Ranch for $89,000. Local dealers were only offering a max of $83,750. After the offer, they flew a guy out from Dallas to Tampa the next morning. Met me at my Chase bank and...
  7. Fair Price on Used Lariat Trims (2022 & 2023)

    You should consider a new 2023 Lightning Lariat. Cost after rebates, tax credit dealer discount would be close to a used 2023. ~$79,000 MSRP for a ER Lariat -$7,500 rebate -$7,500 tax credit -$5,000 dealer discount ————— $59,000 total plus you get a Fresh truck with full warranty nobody's...
  8. How much your insurance has increased in the past year?

    By the way. My premiums are 2x what they were 3 years ago. State Farm rates in Florida increased exponentially in the last few years.
  9. How much your insurance has increased in the past year?

    UM is Uninsured Motorist. 25% of cars on the road in Florida are uninsured. This covers you when you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist. 3 years ago we got hit by an uninsured, suspended licensed, expired tag meth head. Our Nissan Leaf was totaled and my wife and I were transported...
  10. How much your insurance has increased in the past year?

    I’m with State Farm since 1970. Almost every year I shop but I can’t find anything less expensive. Florida insurance is crazy. my 2024 F-450 diesel Platinum is the cheapest of my 4 vehicles. no chargeable accidents, tickets etc. Safe Driver discount Drive Safe and Save discount I have 4...
  11. Manufacturer Defect or Dealer Disregard

    Mine were like that at delivery. The dealer brought it back to their body shop and they polished them and they looked perfect. Eventually they will get scratched again.
  12. Chest fridge for frunk

    This new one is 35 Liter (38 qt). I still have our original version with 55 Liter (59 qt) in truck bed under soft tonneau cover. When we are traveling the 2-1/2 hours between house and cabin I’ll use the big one as a refrigerator and the smaller one as a freezer. When returning from...
  13. Chest fridge for frunk

    UPDATE. Received the powered cooler and it fits perfectly. It runs fine with frunk closed and doesn’t message that it exceeds wattage when frunk is closed. im very happy with purchase. Cost $189 plus tax from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08N63CSH5/
  14. Yay, I got an update. But...

    Normal. Mine has same screen when looking at alert screen after recent update. Normal. Mine has the same screen after that update.
  15. CSP-23B70 Certain 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings - BMS Sensor Replacement

    UPDATE: Tasca parts asked me for my VIN number for Ford to release the part. Then this week they sent me an email that Ford won’t release the part and I need to go to local dealer for them to order and install. They issued a refund. I called a local dealer and they ordered the part and they...
  16. Chest fridge for frunk

    To answer my own question i found a Frunk net that fits perfectly https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BX97BW4N
  17. Chest fridge for frunk

    I haven’t received my smaller EUHOMY 35 Liter cooler yet to try it in the Frunk. The Amazon listing states 45 watts “average” what ever that means. I’ll report back once I get it and try it.
  18. $15,000 discount offer on XLT extended range through April 2. Will it go away or get better after?

    The rules for point of sale tax rebate for purchases after 1/1/2024 only require that your income falls below the $150k single and $300k married in the current or 1 year prior tax year. My understanding is with point of sale tax credit, if your tax liability isn’t $7500 they will not claw back...
  19. $15,000 discount offer on XLT extended range through April 2. Will it go away or get better after?

    It's anyone's guess. Forum members can only offer non binding opinions. I bought my 2023 Lighting Lariat with Max Tow in October 2023 when Ford was offering $7,500 rebate and it qualified for the $7,500 tax credit which it barely qualified for,. At the time the dealer also gave me a $2500...
  20. I need info on home charging

    Just because you have an unused 30 amp breaker you still would need to run new wire to an EVSE. Using the existing 30 amp breaker only saves you about $10 over having to buy a 50 or 60 amp breaker. You still need to install new wiring to the device. My recommendation for Future Proofing is...