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  1. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    My guess is that they ran 1500 units as a final test of the production in March and now they are in the process of moving the production line to a contract manufacturer. The CM should be up and running before the end of April to start deliveries in May.
  2. Sport Mode

    The downside to agile software development. Move fast and break things is OK for social media, not so much for safety critical systems.
  3. Sport Mode

    Here is the NHTSA report that led to the recall when Ford tried to implement the change. It would be fine to leave the truck in Sport but the way it was implemented it could also be left in Off-Road which affected the stability control settings. Hopefully they roll it out again in line with the...
  4. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    Four years with my 2018 I had a lifetime average of 17.
  5. Sport Mode

    Because your Mach-E doesn’t have an Off-Road mode that turns off stability control. That was the problem on the Lightning. NHTSA rules require that stability control has to turn on with each key cycle so the truck can’t be left in Off-Road. Hopefully they will release a version that allows you...
  6. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Both San Diego. Starting with the west coast? I’ll be here on the east coast refreshing my email.
  7. What else am I missing?

    There is no printed owner’s manual. You can access it from the center screen in the truck, from FordPass, or from the Ford website. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2023_Ford_F-150_Lightning_Owners_Manual_version_1.1_om_EN-US.pdf
  8. I need info on home charging

    While this is generally true once you pick one you should go to @tommologs YouTube channel (State of Charge) and make sure it isn’t one of the ones that tends to melt. There are some shady companies out there making things that could burn down your house. Personally, I would stick with one of...
  9. What is your SOH? Milage? and how do you use your Battery?

    Just over 11,000 miles and still at 100% SOH. I charge to 80% everyday and to 100% for road trips (Probably 12-15 times) and DC charge on trips. Edit: I drive 2 pedal in Sport mode. Did a lot of launches early on but I’ve gotten used to it so I’m driving normally again even though I’m not...
  10. Charging while also using Pro Power Onboard

    Yes, you can charge while using ProPower. I have used the truck to power my house during a blackout and when the power came back the truck charged back to 80% and then continued to draw grid power to run the ProPower until I woke up and switched back.
  11. I need info on home charging

    Just a note, the SR actually charges at 48A max.
  12. Ford not participating in EV charge discount programs

    Ford does share charging data with Duke Power in NC. I pay a fixed $24.95 per month for up to 800 kWh. I get a credit based on what Ford reports to Duke each month. Duke sets the charging schedule at home and can implement additional peak times when they can limit charging. I’m able to override...
  13. A2Z NACS adaptor review by State of Charge

    So Lectron is IP67 in case you need to use a Supercharger that is 1 meter under water. I managed the development of a product that had to meet IP67 and the test to verify the 6 dust rating is a pain in the ass and I would be surprised if Lectron actually did it. There’s no benefit anyway, I...
  14. Heading to the dealer for Low Voltage Battery Sensor replaced (CSP 23B70) and the High Voltage Battery Module/BECM software update (CSP 23B57)

    Give it some time. Mine was stuck in the 70s and 80s for the first few weeks after replacement (still better than the 40-50 before) but now it regularly shows 90s. I actually saw 100% after a day trip last week. It probably needs some time to learn.
  15. Priority Update: 24-PU0105-CMR-FX. Driver Monitoring System

    Is this a BlueCruise only update? Has anyone that doesn’t have BlueCruise gotten this update?