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Search results

  1. POLL: Does your spouse refuse to drive an EV?

    The question isn't about having 2 ev's, its about what your spouse would drive. I said spouse, it wasn't directed at your wife.
  2. Charging failure, repeated

    Try another charger if resetting your charge location doesn't fix the problem.
  3. POLL: Does your spouse refuse to drive an EV?

    Total deal breaker, I'm takin the kids! 😉 Just kidding, it's not a big deal. If she's paying for the car then she can drive whatever she wants. My spouse would happily drive an ev because it's faster.
  4. POLL: Does your spouse refuse to drive an EV?

    What made you come up with this poll? Is your spouse a troglodyte? I think you'll find anyone here who owns an EV will have an accepting spouse. If they weren't then you'll have relationship problems.
  5. Ford E-Transit with Stop Safely Now issue

    Most dealers are 2-3 weeks out to look at it. They'll be able to ID the problem once they do a diagnostic, everything you'll see here is speculation.
  6. 30 days of failed software updates and weird charging behavior. Suggestions?

    Turn lights off, set parking brake and lock the doors. Make sure your keys and paak are far away as to not wake the truck. There shouldn't be any 12v issues if you've had the bms replaced. Your charger clicking is a charger thing, turn the breaker to it off for 5 minutes then back on, it...
  7. 95% of used Lightnings have branded titles, what are the main reasons they were returned under lemon laws?

    That's the ones that the poster has selected for a title. New ones don't show any title info and used ones that the poster didn't specifically select a title show nothing also. Your search results don't mean that 5400 don't have a clean title.
  8. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    Ontario, Canada. That's the rate for non members.
  9. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    C'mon,maybe downhill with a tail wind. Realistically it's like 18mpg.
  10. Help me understand my BMS

    How is it measured and since it's not reporting it fully then how is it calculated? Voltage, current and time are used to give you basic capacity for ex. I'm not familiar with the battery software of the lightning so I can't give you any further details but there is a little pfm happening.
  11. Sport Mode

    Sport mode changes throttle response and steering feedback. You will find it can be as efficient as normal mode if you modulate the throttle properly.
  12. Help me understand my BMS

    Once you understand battery capacity and the factors that affect it then you'll be fine. First thing I see is voltage.
  13. Sport Mode

    Lololz Worse case it's 2 presses on the screen.
  14. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    Current rate across Canada is about $0.42/L or $1.596/gallon in total taxes.
  15. Tesla Charging Prices - Not excited as others

    All prices in CAD. Gas here is $1.60/liter and Tesla charges $0.82/kwh. F150L @ 40kwh/100km is $32.80 F150 2.7 @ 13L/100km is $20.80 Charging at home at $0.14/kwh cost $5.60. I won't be using Tesla until at least June when my adapter gets shipped but it's not a cost I'm worried about as...
  16. Antilock Brake Fault

    You've had a failure in the abs or control system, your dealer will have to diagnose. Could be a sensor, wire, control valve. The parking brake thing is weird too, maybe that's just a setting though.
  17. Parking Sensor Error

    Clean the sensors, if that doesn't help then it could be a bad sensor or connection.
  18. Underrated Benefit

    Yup, it's unfortunately a common f150 problem. Happened to me last year as I was about to drive down the highway for 4 hrs. I was able to remove the door panel and manually raise it quite easily and carried on my trip. Called the dealer when they opened and they were able to order the part...
  19. Spare Tires

    It's a personal preference at this point. I go miles into the bush so I'll keep the spare. Regardless of size, it'll still get you out of a jam. I rarely look at the back end of my own truck but I think the aesthetics are fine. Most cars don't even need a spare today and some are sold...