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  1. Most important Lightning secret: how to release a stuck charger cable

    I posted this last year. Still a great video for all lightning owners. It covers this and other items you don't typically think about. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/lightning-roadside-service-info.13032/
  2. Vertical bars at startup

    Thanks, hate it when I miss the logical S**t.
  3. Vertical bars at startup

    Anyone know what the 4 vertical bars left of the speedometer are? They are visible at startup then turn off (at about the same timing as dummy lights at startup in my older cars). What does the blue bar indicate?
  4. Can now buy air struts for lightning

    Drilling into the frunk tub through the matt was scary. Way to many coolant and electrical lines for my taste. Not to mention what's the hold force of those screws through the plastic.
  5. Phoenix Metro Area specific: Rate your dealer service departments. Help me find one that knows and cares about EVs and Technology

    Larry H Miller Follow-up - Called Thursday twice with no update from service center. Went in anyways on Friday to a pleasant surprise. 1. They were ready for me, had parts and people lined up to do 4 of the 5 recalls. 2. they had a loaner for me. 3. They did the 4 recalls and tested for the...
  6. All the recalls, done in a day

    Did the same last Friday, although I didn't read anything on camera calibration. I have yet to put the truck on a DC charger to verify everything works. Fingers are crossed. My loaner was a New Bronco Sport. A good reminder of why I purchased an Electric vehicle. 1/2 the price with 1/10th the...
  7. Phoenix Metro Area specific: Rate your dealer service departments. Help me find one that knows and cares about EVs and Technology

    Anyone had experience with Larry H Miller in Mesa? Feels like they don't want to work on EV's Told on the phone Friday the parts (Tail light, wiper motor, Dash) were in and it would take 4-6 hours. Went in Monday AM (no conformation on appointment) and I wasn't in the system. Talked with a rep...
  8. Can The Lightning Cool Its Own Battery in Hot Weather When Not Plugged In?

    Another Phx owners with no shade where I park and I don't leave it plugged in. I have an ER and have never found the fans running without it plugged in or stated. Just reporting my experience. Would having the proximity setting enabled allow the truck to start preconditioning? I turned this...
  9. No Vehicle Software Updates Received

    the last few updates failed to upload until I plugged my truck into the charger and used the update now option from the Software Update screen.
  10. List of OTA updates ?

    Looks like Wikipedia killed this site. Anyone have a line on where the best data can be found now?
  11. Anyone replace the CCS for J1772 cable on the Charge Station Pro?

    For the inconvenience of flipping the DC cover every time I charge I have thought about making this change. It hasn't bothered me enough... yet. If/when I do I'll be looking for a new cord from the charger. Keeping the CCS cable if I add home charging or want to sell later. Buying a full cord...
  12. Heat vs. Cold -- does the AC cool have a bigger or smaller impact?

    I did a few longer trips the first week I had the truck in Aug. 1.7 kWH in 90-105 deg heat at 75 MPH + highway driving.
  13. What did you replace with your Lightning?

    Replaced 2 cars with the lighting as it combined the functionality of both into one Vehicle. 2014 Chevy Spark EV 2004 F250
  14. Northern IL to Florida Panhandle 1,000 mile Trip Report

    thanks for the details. Good to see some real world positive experiences.
  15. Do I need to run new 400 amp service in my house for the Lightning + everything else?

    Most will not need to charge at 80 Amps. If daily drive uses 90% or more of your battery and the truck sits less than 12 hours. 80A will likely be needed. The less you drive/longer it sits the lower you can run your charge levels. To put it in use of your lighting terms. Your truck can do 0-60...
  16. Lightning pictured next to Rivian

    If size matters, the new Hummer wins. The size difference between the Rivian and Lighting is similar to the Lighting and the Hummer.
  17. DC Fast Charging Explained -- Everything You Need to Know (Must Watch Video)!

    My first question was.... What details are on my truck. Thought I would post what I found to save people time. Sorry I didn't get an SR curve link. - DC Voltage 400Vdc architecture (can read as high at 450V) - Charge curve of a 2022 ER Lightning.
  18. Jim Farley teases F-150 Lightning Performance Supertruck Concept with first peek

    anyone know how tall Jim is? Looks like the top of the truck is at his nose height. If he's 6'2" that's about 6" lower than stock.
  19. How much $$$ do you make?

    I think, in general you can say people buying electric cars having higher incomes is like saying people who live in northern climates shovel more snow. It's logical but doesn't mean anything. A persons income doesn't indicated their ability to buy something. Finical intelligence, frugalness...
  20. White Lightning with painted grill, level kit, 33x11.5R20 Ridge Grappler tires

    I like the darker grill, been thinking about that myself and maybe tinting the light bar to match. A few questions: 1. What color did you use? 2. is it paint or something else? 3. Did you do the black on the bumper the same color or is that stock?