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  1. 1st time using ProPower to power house during power outage

    Hi @flyct , Please PM me as well. I’d like to do the same set up in my home. TIA.
  2. Is regenerative braking active while on BlueCruise?

    Thanks Harold, I thought this would only make sense, but didn't know for sure...
  3. Is regenerative braking active while on BlueCruise?

    Thanks for your answer and for correcting me. So if I understood you correctly, when we have the one foot drive off and brake normally with the brake pedal, does it still uses the regenerative braking up to a full stop when the mechanical brakes engages?
  4. Is regenerative braking active while on BlueCruise?

    Hi there Folks, Just want to ask a question I've always wondered. Dos anyone knows if the regenerative braking is active and works while on Blue Cruise? I know while not on Blue Cruise, we must be on "one foot drive" for the regenerative braking to work, but the one foot drive icon disappears...
  5. Wireless CarPlay intermittently has no sound

    Having that same trouble intermittently. And also CarPlay connecting issues. sometimes (quite often) it doens not connect, then I have either to turn the truck off and on, and/or switch the phone off and on. it’s a bit frustrating and this should be flawless. Perhaps a software upgrade?!?!
  6. Steering Assist Fault

    I’d like to see the response on this tread.
  7. 9AM; SmartCap install. 10:30AM in the Snow Zone!

    It looks awesome. Please let us know further review.
  8. F-150 Lightning Snow Plow!

    Wow! Fantastic job. Looking forward to the follow ups. congratulations.
  9. Heated steering wheel weak?

    Mine too seams to work erratic. Some times doesn’t work at all.
  10. How can I use jack stands when the jack is in the only jacking point under truck?

    I have a question. Did my rotation yesterday at a shop. Now how do I reset the pressure sensors to correspond to the new location they are in? Thanks.
  11. How can I use jack stands when the jack is in the only jacking point under truck?

    This came in a good time as I am also past due on my rotation. The method of using the spare tire is brilliant. Just one question though. What would be the rotation pattern? Front left on rear right and front right on rear left? TIA.
  12. Pro Power Onboard Unavailable

    I was going to ask if you had the bed sprayed, but you already said that. When they sprayed mine, they forgot to reconnect the plugs under the bed, but if you already checked that, perhaps a trip to the dealer is in order. good luck.
  13. My “Unintelligent” backup power installation

    That’s what I was thinking. Power the whole house with an interlock at the main panel.
  14. Folding Mirrors when parking Lightning

    It’s possible. Done it on mine. You have to look into settings. Don’t remember how I did it. But when I lock the truck, the mirrors fold, and open up as soon as it’s unlocked.