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  1. Most important Lightning secret: how to release a stuck charger cable

    I had this happen, and then a few days later I saw a CSP was attached to my truck regarding reprogramming "Charge cord stuck reprogram" Campaign# 23B50. I'll be having my dealer look into it when i take it in for the 10k service.
  2. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    Looks like I'll try again later and let those who really need it try and get into the queue this morning haha
  3. Whole home back up - a simple approach

    I've used this same setup to now power our house through several multi-day outages. I know its not to code, and if I were using this to power our house daily I would probably look at another solution, but this current setup allows me to power all 33 breakers I have in my 200amp panel which no...
  4. Preconditioning Energy

    Preconditioning only today in a garage that was around 30f consumed around 8kwh. Truck consumed energy from 6:42am until my 7:30am departure time.
  5. New Year, New Prices on 2024 Lightning (and Mach-E leasing options)

    Getting ready for that point of sale $7500 rebate... Now most of that rebate just goes back to Ford haha
  6. Power-Up OTA 6.8.0 - Smart Changes: Center Screen

    Got the 6.8 update last night and installed without issue. So happy to finally see the SOC on my dash screen and I can now use my big screen for viewing other things.
  7. Question about real battery capacity, charging to “100%” (notice the quotes)

    I charge to 90% during the week, the once every couple of months I will charge to 100% to rebalance the cells.
  8. Power-Up OTA 6.8.0 - Smart Changes: Center Screen

    Got 6.4 yesterday while my truck was in the parking lot where I work not plugged in during the day. I wish these updates weren't so sporadic, but I'll take what I can get :LOL:
  9. Ford will postpone about $12 billion in EV investment as buyers become more cautious

    I think you all might be over thinking this. I don't know of many people who would want to sign on the dotted line for a $70k+ vehicle (maybe more if the dealer ads on ADM) at 7-8% interest. I know Ford has an incentive now to try and get those older models off the lot, but if they produced...
  10. Power-Up OTA 6.1.0 - BlueCruise Map Update

    Just got this update on my Pro that doesn't have BlueCruise haha. Hoping the battery percentage update isn't far behind as this is 2 updates in the last 2 days for me.
  11. Priority Update: 23-PU0724-DOM-RS

    Just got this yesterday. Still looking for the update that puts the battery charge % on the guage cluster.
  12. The Tiny Cybertruck Frunk

    We use the frunk every time we go to camp. Dogs go in the back seat and all our items go in the frunk so dog hair doesn't get all over them. 😅
  13. Hypermile Challenge (high score: 3.4, life time avg 2.7)

    Drive back from camp yesterday. Mostly driving 50-55mph with a few towns where it was 25-35mph. Took about 25% of the battery going from 90%-65%. Trip timer started with the truck running with AC to cool it down for about 10min or so before we left.
  14. Pro Trifecta

    Just 3 pros hanging out in northern Maine.
  15. Power-Up - Some Good Stuff Here

    Got this message this morning on my '23 pro. First update I have ever seen pop up in the app.
  16. Emporia Charger, 48 amp

    I have the emporia hard wired to get the full 48amps. Its able to charge the truck around 11.2kwh without issue. Great app that goes along with it so you can track your usage, set the charge rate, when you want to charge, etc. Hard to beat for $400.
  17. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    I've had this warning pop up 4 times now, never lost any power output, and after a few trips it has always cleared itself and gone away. Tends to make me think is more of a AWD issue than a battery issue.
  18. Home Charging Station recommendations?

    I went with the Emporia level 2 for home. 48amp/11.6kw at $400, you can't beat it.