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  1. Software Priority Update: 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD - Refined Audio

    I often hear a brief whitenoise when I transition out of SYNC apps or settings and into CarPlay. Hoping this fixes that.
  2. Lack of OTA Updates...Am I the Only One?

    I feel your pain. And was frustrated with lack of transparency in the OTA process. Further, I became desperate in December and bought myself a Mongoose ODBII and a license to FDRS in order to get updates. That was a mistake. I drew down my 12V battery to dangerously low levels. I returned the...
  3. Update failing again, 6.8.0, tired of this!

    I can’t imagine why that would help as turning off is only for the duration of while the truck is on. As soon as the truck starts again, headlights are on.
  4. Update failing again, 6.8.0, tired of this!

    Which trim do you have? My Lariat is software switched. So while there is a dial, when I turn off the headlights, turning on the truck automatically puts the headlight mode back to on.
  5. What does the update schedule actually do?

    I did the 2 updates. Appears to be connectivity related and preparing for future updates?
  6. What does the update schedule actually do?

    But that can't possibly take more than a year. I still don't have updates that were reported in January 2023.
  7. What does the update schedule actually do?

    I've begun to wonder if there is an accounting incentive to stagger vehicle software updates. Remember when Apple used to charge for macOS updates. Or those few years when iPod Touch iOS updates cost money. Or when FaceTime cost a nominal $0.99 on Snow Leopard? Those were in response to the...
  8. Finally Received First Update

    Just unnerving that vehicles manufactured after mine are receiving updates. And on a schedule similar to the '22 and early '23... roughly 3 to 4 months after.
  9. Finally Received First Update

    May blend date. July delivery. No update of any kind yet.
  10. Is your PAAK reliable?

    One thing to keep in mind is you cannot swipe away the app. At least on iPhone. iOS interprets this as a user indicating they don't want certain background processing to occur. So this gesture can interfere with the BLE connection required for PaaK to work. In the last year, FordPass has gotten...
  11. Priority Update-23-PU1113-UNX-DC [Connectivity]

    Wait... so my Lightning is dependent on updates to access the Tesla Supercharger network? May '23 build. July '23 delivery. No updates yet.
  12. Lightning Software Updates using FDRS

    May ’23 build. July delivery. No OTA updates offered.
  13. Change carrier for the truck's wifi-fi hotspot?

    I doubt this is even possible. Ford and AT&T partner. Money is exchanged. Ford wants telemetry, connected services, and OTA functionality. AT&T wants subscriptions. Only owners want carrier portability.
  14. Dealer service recommendations Durham NC

    YMMV but Crossroads Apex says you need to exhibit an actual failed OTA install in order to qualify for the CSP 23B70. They canceled my appointment. Capitol didn’t have any such qualification.
  15. Ford Power-Up 7 inbound?

    You are missing one clause for most MY23 Lightning owners that have never once received an update.
  16. Sync 4 version number??

    If you have a MY23, Ford likely isn't sending updates to your truck yet. Based on reports here on this forum the most recent MY23 to receive any type of update had a blend date in February 2023. It seems primarily MY22 receives updates at present. That truck blended in February that reported an...
  17. Switching service to Verizon instead of AT&T

    AT&T pays vehicle manufacturers a lot of money to be the exclusive hotspot / connectivity provider. They have deals with: * Acura * Alpha Romeo * Audi * BMW * Buick * Cadillac * Chevy * Chrysler * Dodge * Ford * GMC * Honda * Infiniti * Jaguar * Jeep * Land Rover * Lexus * Lincoln * Maserati *...
  18. Ford Dealer Charging Stations

    Dealer within a mile from me has Level 2 chargers available for free during business hours. Their commercial lot across the street has a DCFC 150 watt charger available 24/7. Before I installed Level 2 in my garage, I would use the DCFC at least once a week. Its tucked away in the back corner...
  19. Apple Maps EV Routing in CarPlay Rolling out to F-150 Lightning

    4.0.23031 is your SYNC version. And it can be seen in Settings > General > About. Mine shows SYNC 4 Software Version 22326. So you are ahead of me. Those that have a blend date around May have not received any type of update. So this is the version that came with my truck. SYNC is just the...