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Search results

  1. Colorado Key-Code Setup Free

    This is free to anyone local that wants to pick it up. Parker, CO. Not bothering to ship.
  2. Colorado AMP Xtreme Boards in Parker, CO

    New price $1,350 local pickup. Have some other odds and ends I can throw in as well. Stubby antenna, truck cover, door key code setup, back seat release lever extension and an ambient light set up that’s more a project than finished product.
  3. Colorado Key-Code Setup Free

    FL3Z-1520555-TB Applique fl3z-14a626-ag Actuator Assembly
  4. Colorado AMP Xtreme Boards in Parker, CO

    Purchase with the BAK X4s tonneau I have listed for $2,000. I’ll toss in the ambient light kit, door key code kit, stubby antenna and the rear seat fold latch extender.
  5. Colorado BAK X4s Tonneau

    Purchase with the AMP steps I have listed for $2,000. I’ll toss in the ambient light kit, door key code kit, stubby antenna and the rear seat fold latch extender.
  6. Antennas

    Builtright antenna. $25 I think and reception seemed good. USA made.
  7. Massachusetts 2022 Ford Lightning Pro For Sale $65K

    When do I get my buyer finders fee? 😂
  8. Colorado Sold: Used charge station pro

    Sold truck. Used charge station pro. Not looking to ship. $625
  9. Colorado Sold: BAK X4s Tonneau

    Looking to sell a one month old tonneau cover. Sold the truck. $730. Not interested in shipping.
  10. Colorado Sold: Ambient Lighting Kit

    Purchased the parts to do this upgrade and sold the truck. Includes the cup holder lighting assembly, the media bin light and the clove box light. I also have the custom harness made by the individual here on this forum. $130 + shipping. I have about $170 into this I think.
  11. Colorado Sold: Key-Code Setup Free

    I have the securi-code parts to add it to the lightning. Includes the matte finish door trim piece factory cut for the key pad, and the keypad. Located in Parker, CO. Free!!
  12. Colorado Sold: AMP Xtreme Boards in Parker, CO

    I have some one month old AMP Xtreme Power running boards 78152-01A is the model. Fit on a Pro model and worked fantastically. Paid $1,999. Looking for $1,350 local. Not interested in shipping them.
  13. Amp Powerstep Xtreme Installed

    I read that they perform better in snow and ice and are less likely to freeze up. If I lived in a state without winter I’d get the regular one motor version.
  14. Amp Powerstep Xtreme Installed

    Same for mine. I even ordered an LED strip light for underneath and then saw them at night with the mirror floods. Plenty of light with them so I cancelled.
  15. Amp Powerstep Xtreme Installed

    Meant “rubs” the plastic cover. Could just be the lighting.
  16. Temperature gauges dummy or real

    I saw one pic with a dude towing that had them the highest I’ve seen. But who really knows.
  17. Amp Powerstep Xtreme Installed

    Mine is a pro. So yes! Looks like motor rubs a little.
  18. California SoCal Takeoff's - 20" Lightning Wheels

    Cheapest I’ve seen yet!