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  1. Deciding what to do with my Order

    I decided to cancel the order, just way too much of a hassle to flip unlike my previous vehicles. Hopefully it opens up a spot for someone else. I will be ordering a '23 Super Duty for my mother on Thursday though and my 130 should hopefully be here in December. Now I can finally almost afford...
  2. Deciding what to do with my Order

    My response was to your 2nd paragraph, I understood the 1st one, that's an option for sure, it's just a matter of what makes the most sense.
  3. Deciding what to do with my Order

    I didn't give me access to order today, Ford did. I wasn't expecting to order until late next year regardless. So you can blame Ford's shi**y ordering for that.
  4. Deciding what to do with my Order

    Well legally in Ohio, the deposit on a vehicle has to be refundable. So that’s not the issue at hand really.
  5. Deciding what to do with my Order

    Hey guys, so I got the email this afternoon to order my ‘23MY Lightning. I went to the dealer today and spoke with my salesperson. The deposit required is only $1k and they would sell it to me for MSRP. Issue is, I just don’t want the truck anymore. I have a Defender 130 coming in December...
  6. When does wave 4 MY2023 start?

    I just got my invitation a little before 2 pm est, went to the dealer and they confirmed it. I'm deciding tomorrow whether to cancel it or not though because I just don't need the order at this point. Edit: I reserved November 24th, 2021 fyi.
  7. Mistake ordering BEDLINER-PLASTIC DROP-IN ?

    I've had 3 Plastic Drop-In's (Ford, Ram, and Chevy) and 3 Spray-In's (2 Line-X's and Factory Ram). Will never get a Drop-In ever again, they're garbage. They flex and bend and end up scraping the paint. They also look terrible and allow for water to collect under them in the bed.
  8. How fair is it, really, to be upset at Ford?

    Me watching the fighting on this thread…
  9. Schomp Ford in Aurora Colorado, Buyer Beware

    You need to contact Ford corporate dude, they'll sort it out for you. Report the dealer, and if you want, the GM/Salesperson. Had to do that with Stellantis a few months ago after an encounter with a shitty sales guy at a PA Jeep dealer.
  10. Reservation now that orders on Ford.com are closed?

    Yeah they stopped reservations at 200,000. You can't re-reserve, and won't be able to order without a reservation for probably a very long time. Your best bet is picking one up that a dealer ordered for themselves but very highly doubt that it will be plausible, and even if you did, get ready...
  11. Wave 4 invitation - did you get one??

    Not in Wave 4 either, I'm Priority 4 at my dealer and so far only 1 person got an order in (Priority 1), during Wave 1. Guess I'll be MY '23, but all good.
  12. Just got the call....

    Absolutely not, don't let them do that.
  13. Names for my / your new Lightning

    His Royal Highness, King Charles von Hindenburg the III, Lord of the Isles, and Supreme Arbiter of the Joust...or uhh Charley for short. (Depends on the color)
  14. Ford Updating Wave 2 Invitations?

    Nah it's more like this. Me ordering an Egg McMuffin and Hashbrown at the drive-thru after I finally receive my Lightning several decades from now...
  15. Ford Updating Wave 2 Invitations?

    Reading the comments and seeing the laughing emoji's realizing I made a fool of myself...