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  1. Will Ford Ever Increase Lightning Charging Speeds?

    Not on our current 2022, 2023 Lightnings. Hopefully the 2026 version of Lightnings will have much faster charging.
  2. How much your insurance has increased in the past year?

    It is not a conspiracy. Insurance Companies have to raise rates when the COST of the claims go up. Partly due to inflation, partly due to a higher # of claims occurring, and we don't have a lot of options. Switching insurance companies may not yield a lower premium.
  3. Ford Delays T3 Electric Truck Development and Updates EV & Hybrid Plans

    This right here. Although I have these conversations with 45 years old at least once a month. People are not convinced yet. They "heard" EVs are not good, no place to charge them, they start on fire, batteries only last 2 years, blah blah. Sigh.
  4. Ford Delays T3 Electric Truck Development and Updates EV & Hybrid Plans

    Disappointing Ford is pulling back the reins. IMO there is a window of opportunity to seize the truck EV market, and delaying both the T3, and plant construction, in the LONG TERM is not a good strategy. Even though in the short term it makes sense financially.
  5. $15,000 discount offer on XLT extended range through April 2. Will it go away or get better after?

    Don't wait. And, as others have said, $7500 of that $15,000 is the Federal Tax Credit on the spot rebate. Make sure you will have $7,500 of fed tax liability in 2023.
  6. Tesla FSD (Full Self Driving) tested. BlueCruise is good enough

    Blue Cruise is a different product than FSD. I really enjoy my Blue Cruise (while not perfect) for my use case, i.e. a lot of freeway driving 100+ miles. It will be interesting to see what the next version of Blue Cruise is capable of...and if Ford will put more cameras in their EVs. Not to...
  7. Ford to trim workforce at Lightning plant from 2100 to 700

    This. The Lightning, as is, is a great vehicle. I am sure on paper it is costing way too much. That said, for years Tesla lost a gazillion dollars on each Tesla Model S they sold. Knowing it would take a few years before they reach enough SCALE / volume to be making a profit. IMO, Ford needs...
  8. Out of Spec EV range test - Lightning/Cybertruck/R1T/Silverado

    I get it. Charging speed does matter. If the GM takes 3 hours to charge that bathtub of a battery, that is not ideal. Heck, I wish my Lightning charged a lot faster. Someday....maybe the new Lightning will charge twice as fast. When it does, it will be become even more mainstream. Those...
  9. Out of Spec EV range test - Lightning/Cybertruck/R1T/Silverado

    I reserved a 400 mile range Quad motor Rivian in April 2019 I reserved a 500 mile range Tri-Motor CyberTruck in Nov 2019 They both kept being delayed..and delayed...and delayed, so I placed a reservation for the 2023 Lariat ER. Which came in before Rivian or Tesla could deliver their long...
  10. Out of Spec EV range test - Lightning/Cybertruck/R1T/Silverado

    From 10,000 feet.... The truck with the bigger battery will have the longest range. D'uh. If you make the shape of your truck more aerodynamic, it will help the range. Ditto things like tires, wheel covers, etc. D'uh, D'uh. Do people buy a 5 Series BMW over a Volvo XC60 because of range...
  11. Oops, did it again... 5,300+ mile, 10 states, 11 driving days

    I really like my current BlueCruise 1 dot whatever. IF we ever get the update, and it is better than the current BlueCruise? That will be sweet.
  12. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    I forget what it said when I ordered my adapter....maybe "later this spring".
  13. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    If Tesla is building them...maybe in their Buffalo NY Gigafactory. Then they ship them to Ford, who is putting them in very nice boxes with a letter from Jim Farley.
  14. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    I watched the Jim Farley video where he talks about getting the adapter out to customers as soon as possible. Without committing to a date. Don't know who is actually building the adapter, but let's hope they can start pumping them out. I am guessing I will get mine by the end of May. Just a WAG.
  15. Just Got My 2023 Ford Lightning Lariat

    Software is a challenge for all the Legacy Car companies. It will take time for them to improve and enhance their software development. I believe they are making gains....it is just that Tesla is already circling the moon and Legacy is just getting up into the clouds.
  16. Using the Ford Fast Charging Adapter at Tesla Supercharger: Munro Live

    I doubt it. Someone is making money on the transaction along the way.
  17. NACS-to-NACS extension cable

    I have used the Tesla MagicDock. The cable was not long enough. About a foot short. Both times I charged using the Tesla MagicDock, I had to park sideways - and block 3 spots. (there were 12 chargers and only one other one was in use) It will depend on the location.