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  1. Other ways to control zone lighting?

    Is there any other way to trigger the zone lighting? Doing the world's slowest tap dance on the Sync screen is a terrible user experience. I don't know how the programmers and engineers that made that thing aren't embarrassed to even come to work in the morning. I need to be able to just push...
  2. FCSP won't factory reset or connect to wifi/bt

    Brand new FCSP. First time connecting it. Initial setup worked, connected to my home WiFi. Then it stopped communicating on wifi and Bluetooth. My network shows it is disconnected. Pushing and holding factory reset button does nothing no matter how long. Unit powers up has a blue light, and...
  3. Diamondback SE hard tonneau cover installed!

    Finally arrived and love it. I didn't want a soft cover due to the lack of security. I didn't want the roll-up because of the box taking up too much room at the front of the bed. I didn't want the hard covers that accordion since you can't open/close them with stuff in the bed. And didn't...
  4. Having dealer update all software/firmware

    Is there any reason to be concerned about having the dealer install all of these updates (see attached) to make everything current in my '23 Lariat ER? They'll also be doing CSP 23B57 for the battery module firmware.
  5. Wiring and light mounting on front bumper

    I'm planning to put two Morimoto 2banger SAE wide amber fog lights on the front bumper down by the air intake. Has anyone opened up various frunk and bumper plastic trim to get wiring and bolts in there? I have not tried to take the frunk tub apart yet to look. Trying to gather some intel on...
  6. CSP 23B57 for battery module on brand new 2023 truck at the lot

    I may be buying a new 2023 on the lot at a local dealer. CSP #23B57 for the BMS and battery module is listed for this truck when I search the VIN (1FT6W1EV0PWG59660). What do you all recommend I do? Should I demand they do whatever software upgrade it needs before I take the truck? Or am I...
  7. Used vs 2023 vs 2024

    I'd like your opinions and advice on what I've been racking my brain with the last few days. I decided I definitely wanted a Lariat 511A (ER), with spray in bed liner, and prefer max tow but not mandatory. Prefer locally available, but ok with long distance delivery. First looking at a 2023...