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  1. DCFC station cost

    Total BS. Maybe that is a blended per kWh cost with new demand charges if the charger has very little kWh throughput and demand of facility is not controlled. And unfortunately Chargepoint wasn't a great decision - they are locked in to their charge management system versus using an open...
  2. Roof rack attachment for sliding roll-up tonneau?

    I have the Retrax system with rail, and then Yakima bars that a quick on/off. I did common locks with the mounts and bicycle racks (lock bicycle rack onto rail, and then bicycle to bicycle rack). Unfortunately the key for the Retrax tonneau lock can't have a core put into it, so the overall...
  3. Pricing Lowered for 2024 Lightning! (Effective April 5, 2024)

    I'm behind. All trims have dropped to 48A onboard chargers? Wouldn't be an issue for me personally but it seems like this would be a hit against fleet adoption.
  4. Wireless CarPlay intermittently has no sound

    This happens to me regularly (more regularly recently) and it is the biggest pain point with the vehicle - and a big pain point. CarPlay will be connected and running but no audio coming through. I do a reset with the bottom left and bottom right buttons on the steering wheel once or twice and...
  5. Any benefit to occasional 100% charge?

    How they are doing what, top balancing? The reality is they probably don't need to top balance as I believe this is used to "unlock" capacity so that the cells that fully charge first don't stop the cells that haven't fully charged from getting fully charged. If they are already maintaining top...
  6. Any benefit to occasional 100% charge?

    It can work both ways. Round numbers example: In a 100kWh pack the manufacture could call 5% SOC 0%, and 90% SOC 100%. Now there is 85% or 85kWh available to the user. The user will never charge to true 100%, at least until the battery pack has degraded to a full capacity of 90 kWh. Draining...
  7. Any benefit to occasional 100% charge?

    Charging to 100% is not charging to 100% of cell capacity. Ford builds an inaccessible area of capacity at the top of charge. So don't anticipate a top end cell balancing to come from it.
  8. Frunk completely dead

    Dead frunk here. Opened, then never closed. Wasn't able to get it working with any kind of emergency release button use. Now to see if the dealer can properly diagnose and repair.
  9. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    Could be bad for existing owners if the adapter sucks. In that scenario, resale values would fall significantly when NACS option is made available with the XYZ option bundle.
  10. Off Grid solar charging station is up and running.. weather permitting!

    That's what my comment was based on - hoping they get to market with it soon!
  11. Realtruck's Retrax Retractable Tonneau Covers Spotlight!

    I bought the RetraxPRO XR from Realtruck and the Yakima hardware from The Rack Shop who have a nice package with heavy duty bars ready to go for this (kit is minus the bicycle mounts and associated matching lock cores for Yakima lock points also purchased). All went well.
  12. Home Integration System Battery

    You might look into this HV battery:
  13. Minimum SOC for DC fast charging

    I'm guessing this was more to do with the state of your 12V battery. I am not sure how or why that would have drained, but it probably makes sense to keep a jump pack onboard.
  14. Is the "used" market normal for F150 depreciation at this point? Or is it worse?

    $75K is not a $15K loss for those who got 2022s at initial pricing (and before parts stripping). After tax credit, I'd still be ahead at $75K with a Lariat.
  15. Using the generator port of hybrid inverters for home backup

    I see what you are saying now. Yous ha e to make sure the Sol Ark switches the neutral, and if it does you could use as a transfer switch.
  16. Using the generator port of hybrid inverters for home backup

    The Sol Ark 15K interfaces with a 48V battery, and the Lightning pack is hundreds of volts.
  17. Pro Level 2 charge maxes out at 10.5 kW

    Voltage when current is flowing will be different than when measuring without load. What is the size of wire and approximate length of circuit back to panel?
  18. Is charging in cold safe?

    You have not damaged the battery. You think Ford would allow that? The cells are heated sufficiently to take the charge. There is a big difference between damaging a "raw" lithium ion cell, and ruining one with a warranty-worthy bms ensuring you don't jack the battery. Just relax, only high...
  19. Why I didn’t purchase the lightning I reserve two years ago.

    If you need assurance a specific DCFC will even exist, it is probably not for you at this time (and I would want all the goodies if buying top of the line, inflated cost vehicle). Depending on the deployment, it is easy to see operators allow DCFC repairs to languish in the US at least. This is...