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Search results

  1. Pro transformed to XLT/Lariat Lightning - my DIY build

    My goal was to transform my 23 pro into a budget XLT/Lariat. I was able to add some features my truck was missing thanks to trail blazers on this forum, glare free headlights, remote front windows down, bed lighting, passive keyless entry/lock, door keypad, front light bar, and adaptive cruise ...
  2. Hvac controls swap

    Has anyone attempted to swap the controls on a pro/xlt for the one with the lcd display on the knobs? Example below, they are available on ebay for around 150 new.
  3. California Sold: Wtb Lightning lariat/XLT grille

    Wtb a Lightning lariat or XLT grille. Preferably damage free. Willing to trade my pro grill that's been cut for the light bar plus cash on my end. Socal area.
  4. Lariat Leather installed in my Lightning Pro

    I swapped the pro vinyl for new leather lariat ice take off seat covers. Found them on Ebay, I'll leave the link below. Seller was amazing. I think I paid 150 with free shipping. The Ford tags on the seat covers are from Jan 23. Install wasn't hard, just tedious. I'd say it took around 6 hrs...
  5. Painted tail gate badge

    Took apart the tail gate badge and painted it, black, carbonized gray, and blue. Tried to match the lightning blue best I could. Didn't want to pay 400 plus for the ones already done. Planning on doing the light up Ford badge in the front after swapping to the lariat grill.
  6. Swap Pro 12 inch screen for Lariat 15 inch screen possible?

    This might not be popular with most owners but I actually prefer the larger 15 inch screen. Does anyone know if the swap from standard 12 inch screen to the 15 inch screen is possible? My truck is a 23 Pro with the tow tech package, 360 camera. I found some pics of the back of a 15 inch screen...