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  1. Playing music off my truck

    Do you mind sharing a photo of yours? I can’t find it in my Pro.
  2. How much your insurance has increased in the past year?

    Interesting. Travelers provide home Insurance for GEICO. They probably don’t have as much accident data on Lightning. Once they replace a few $2K tail lights, Lightning insurance cost may get closer to Y.
  3. Is it normal for the frunk to not open from the button if the truck is locked even if I have the fob?

    Frunk button only works when all doors are unlocked (not just driver door). It may be a security thing.
  4. 100,000 Mile F-150 Lightning Dashboard Screenshot

    Not sure if I understand this correctly. Did you have HVB modules replaced? If yes at what mileage? Congrats on hitting 100K. It gives me hope.
  5. CSP-23B50 Charge Cord Stuck - Reprogram Battery Charge Control Module.

    Guys, I have my First DCFC trip coming up and I have not done this CSP. My dealer says they can't get to this for another month. How much of a risk would you say it is doing 10+ DCFCs as is?
  6. Tesla Driver Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using a SuperCharger: Sign Says "Only Tesla Vehicles"

    It must have been coincidence or just old age that I couldn’t get it out on the first try before activating with the app. ;)
  7. Tesla Driver Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using a SuperCharger: Sign Says "Only Tesla Vehicles"

    I just had a thought that freaked me out a little. I will be traveling through boonies. If I am at a supercharger with 5% SOC and neither my T-Mobile phone nor Truck's AT&T has reception, would I still be able to charge? Somebody has to tell the supercharger I am there to release the handle...
  8. Tesla Driver Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using a SuperCharger: Sign Says "Only Tesla Vehicles"

    I just went out to test my adapter before taking my first DCFC trip and got a thumbs up from a Model Y driver on the road ( I guess for driving a Lightning ). I have never gotten a response from another Lightning for saying hi on the road. You guys suck. At a 16 stall supercharger with 3...
  9. Heading to the dealer for Low Voltage Battery Sensor replaced (CSP 23B70) and the High Voltage Battery Module/BECM software update (CSP 23B57)

    So CSP 23B57 can be done by mobile tech and you don’t need to take it to dealer? Has anyone received an OTA for this? or Ford has completely stopped pushing OTA on this one? I have a trip coming up and if stuff hits the fan it would be nice to be able to crawl somewhere instead of being...
  10. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    I agree that it would be rare if ever to need more than 5 times of supercharging however keep in mind your experience is with an extended battery. A standard battery can make one more nervous about spacing of the chargers. And if you don't want to pay membership to several providers and have...
  11. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    With that kinda positive thinking, even if something bad happens to you, it will probably be like this:
  12. Efficiency at 70 vs. 75 vs. 80 on highway?

    I am at 9K, and my total average has been 2.4-2.5 depending on proportion of winter to summer miles I have had on it. Almost exactly as Ford has advertised. However regardless of the details of his complaint, I agree with underlying cause of it. For EVs, both manufacturer and EPA should...
  13. Electrek: Tesla lays off ‘more than 10%’ of its global workforce

    10% seem to be the magic number. Rivian announced in February they are laying off 10% as well. Their stock is all time low today (that is until tomorrow).
  14. Using NACS adapter in Canada?

    ‘Thanks for the quick and very helpful response.
  15. Using NACS adapter in Canada?

    Has anyone from U.S. has done a DCFC at supercharger in Canada with either plug and charge or Tesla App? I have a trip coming up and could use tips for planning. The Canadian chargers show on my Tesla app. Do I need Canadian apps or accounts to use superchargers there?
  16. Tesla Driver Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using a SuperCharger: Sign Says "Only Tesla Vehicles"

    Tesla owners will just have to suck it up and learn to live with it. Every business that makes money off of selling "stuff" like iPhone and cybertruck will do what they can to supplement their revenue from sales as much as possible with renewables like service and energy. Tesla's revenue...
  17. Tesla Driver Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using a SuperCharger: Sign Says "Only Tesla Vehicles"

    Has anyone ever called the police for DCFC being ICED? That aside, power of signs is simply amazing.
  18. This Is How Easy It Is to Hack EV Chargers | WSJ

    My charger is usually connected to the truck when it is charging so I doubt it could be used to bring the grid down. I was not a fan of a connected charger but the deal was too good to pass.
  19. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    I am sure this 1 year old video is posted somewhere on the forum. If it is on this thread, let me know and I will delete it. It was new to me and interesting to watch. I am thinking my SR pack does not have the top three modules. Made me wonder how much this would cost out of warranty.
  20. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    I was hoping to add a little bit of predictability to it but your module 6 problem makes me think it is more like playing an exciting game.