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  1. Tesla FSD (Full Self Driving) tested. BlueCruise is good enough

    Elon gave us Tesla owners a 30 day free trial of FSD. I was lucky enough to have it download and ready to go this morning. I will say that FSD is like driving with a student driver who is taking lessons. This new version is supposed to be a lot better than all the old versions but to be...
  2. My 360 degree View Shrank

    Has anyone has this issue before? Not sure if it was this new Audio update or the BC fix
  3. Motortrend: Cybertruck vs R1T vs Lightning

  4. Blue cruise Not working since SW 6.13 update

    Anyone have this issue other than myself? I haven’t really tried to use BC until the last couple of days. Adaptive cruise control works but BC is unavailable and it tells me there “Driver Monitor Camera Fault” I know this means a trip to the dealer but just wondering if anyone else has had...
  5. Lightning Owner Drives a Cybertruck

    This is a good one IMO. He's right about use case scenario
  6. Brothers Charging Port Door Fell Off

    @Ford Motor Company could we please get a better charging port door for the 2nd gen? My Brothers Port Door fell off, the cover….
  7. Cybertruck Boys are finding out about true range now

  8. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

  9. Priority Update: 23-PU0813-DOR-UP2

    Anyone get this update? Looks like this is a long one …..
  10. Priority Update: 23-PU1103-NAT-VCE (re-release of 6.2.0)

    Looks like this update is currently downloading. There was an update last night which I thought was 6.4 but after looking at the description it was a Power-UP for diagnostics purposes. That Update is no longer on my Ford pass. This Priority Update is currently downloading.
  11. CT Payload and Towing Revealed

    11,000k “Towing Power” Up to 2500k Payload https://www.cybertruckownersclub.com/forum/threads/confirmed-11-000-lbs-tow-rating-2-500-lbs-payload-capacity-official-specs-shatter-resistant-glass.9828/
  12. Hollister Hills Lightning vs Cybertruck vs Rivian

    Oh boy…. Cybertruck Lightning Rivian
  13. Ford to Offer Vinyl Wraps for the Lightning and Other Vehicles

    I guess the advantage is you can finance it at a higher cost ......dont know https://fordauthority.com/2023/11/ford-vinyl-wraps-announced-for-select-vehicles-sema-2023/
  14. Borla Exhaust Sounds (Exterior Speaker) for the Lightning

    Have at it lol
  15. EAP locked Forum

    Maybe? :)
  16. National Drive Electric Week San Marcos

    Looks like Saturday September 30th there will be an EV Cars and Coffee at the EV Learning Center. Anyone planning to attend?
  17. Out of Spec Euro Charge Station

    We are so far behind it embarrassing