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  1. Hoovie Fails at Owning a Truck

    Hoovies Garage buys half of a Standard Range Lariat to save money because "it can't tow very far even with the premium battery and if I'm gonna drive around 80 miles a day and charge it at night, it's fine". Proceeds to tow Model A on highway at 70mph to 73mph in rain and in Standard Mode...
  2. Ford Power-Up 3.1.0 Software Update

    Anyone else recieve this update today?
  3. Integrated Bed Camera Included?

    Is this a thing coming with the Lightning? Mike Levine posted an image on Twitter today and it sure appears to be one integrated into lighting above the back window.
  4. Bicycles in Short Bed

    I know there are a million ways bicycles can be handled for our Lightnings. I'm open to convincing otherwise but am wondering if anyone has seen or experienced a contraption that might be thought of like a wedge with high side toward cab, where 3 or more bicycles could be walked up it from...
  5. Charge Station Pro - 14.3kWdc Export Capacity (and other specs)

    The UL listing of the product is complete as of 2/1/22. The Charge Station Pro is "DC passthrough only, to supply a field installed listed inverter". Max voltage / voltage are indicated to be 420Vdc. DC max amperage is 34Adc for absolute max of 420 x 34 = 14.28kW or nominal 14.3kW. If actual...
  6. TFL First EV Truck Tow Test (Rivian)

    See it here: Truck went 153 miles using 91% (123kWh) of charge, 1.25 miles/kWh claimed. Load was only 2,000lbs but was an overlanding teardrop with huge tires. This was a COLD WEATHER test, they talked about using heat but I don't think stated outdoor temperature. I think it is safe to say it...
  7. Lightning Could Charge Better Than Rivian Above 20% SOC?

    There has been some complaint about Lightning 150kW DC fast charge power rating, compared to Rivian "up to" 210kW of peak power. A new TFL test starting at 20% SOC one might expect to roll a DC fast charge station at, showed rates that did not exceed 151kW. It falls off a cliff and hits 79kW at...
  8. Any Smoked Quartz Lightning Pre-Production Images?

    Seems like a very nice color selection though I'm not really keen on paying for any more options. Has anyone seen any actual daylight images in the Lightning form - the configurator images are, lacking in realism.
  9. Fully Optioned Lightning XLT ER vs. Base Lariat ER

    I was initially shocked by the $9,000 cost premium of a Lariat ER with max tow and tow tech, over an XLT ER with max tow, tow tech, premium package (get almost all XLT "options"), and let's say a $1,700 allowance for a Katzkin aftermarket leather upgrade. That large jump for features that are...
  10. Survey-Based Pricing Builder

    I thought someone had posted an excel file pricing builder based on unofficial survey pricing. Anyone know where this is located please? The pricing sticky does not seem to have pricing information. While I would HIGHLY prefer to just wait and build off an official Ford builder, they clearly...
  11. Home Back-Up and 80A EVSE Missing at Launch

    After watching the charging livestream event, I am predicting the truck will be equipped with necessary onboard hardware, but back-up via the 80A charger system (and announced required Sunrun Integration System) will not be able to be made functional at launch or soon thereafter. Questions...