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  1. 20 Years of Family-Driven Innovation

    Father and son, Lou and Walter LaPlante share the distinction of winning Henry Ford Technology awards. Lou received his award in 2003 and Walter in 2021. Walter, who was inspired by his father to pursue engineering, speaks to the way Ford believed in him and the type of culture he'd like to help...

    By Brett Foote April 9, 2024 11:09 am We’ve known for some time now that the next-generation Ford F-150 EV – which may not continue to use the Lightning name – will be built at the under-construction BlueOval City complex in Tennessee. There, the automaker is currently planning on operating...
  3. Fordpass failure to load/refresh

    When I open the app and request a status update the screen shows the swirling circle briefly, then the screen blanks to white with the swirling circle in the dead center, never seen this before. The desktop web site was log on was slow as well, but eventually loaded.
  4. Ford Gets Tesla Supercharger Access {State of Charge's Summary}

    Great job Tom M, sorry I missed meeting you in NJ.
  5. AT&T outage affecting telematics??

    I'm reading reports of cell phone service, particularly in the south and southeast of the nation experiencing issues. If this is impacting your mobile device are you seeing any issues with the vehicle telematics...
  6. Power-Up: Smart Changes: Improvements to your vehicle diagnostics

    No numbers associated with this but it posted to my truck after arriving at Dunks this evening. When I started the truck and did a quick check on the updates screen it was clear of the prior 6.8.0 message and said I had no new updates. That seemed odd, so I turned off the auto update feature...
  7. Verge TS Ultra

    E Motorcycle https://www.vergemotorcycles.com
  8. Ford Pass & Ford.com Down?? {Resolved}

    Not able to get a status update from the Ford Pass app, nor can I log onto https://www.ford.com/myaccount/ https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ford.com.html RESOLVED around 1839 ET
  9. Next GEN Ford F-150 Lightning Better Than Cybertruck: Farley

    Next GEN Ford F-150 Lightning Better Than Cybertruck: Farley https://fordauthority.com/2024/01/next-gen-ford-f-150-lightning-better-than-cybertruck-farley/
  10. IRS announces more time for dealers and sellers of clean vehicles to submit time-of-sale reports

    IR-2024-02, Jan. 5, 2024 WASHINGTON — Following the launch of a new online portal and to help industry, the Internal Revenue Service today announced an extension for dealers and sellers of clean vehicles to submit time-of-sale reports. Seller reporting in IRS Energy Credits Online (IRS ECO)...
  11. Moving FORScan & FDRS threads...

    Folks, Over the next several hours / day / or so..... you may find a favorite thread related to FORScan & FDRS missing in this section, it has been or will shortly be moved to the following group: FDRS, FORScan, Programmers, Scanners, Tuners Update As of 11:31 AM 1/5/2024 threads have been...
  12. Project T3 EV Truck Will be Built at Dearborn Truck Plant / REVC

    Admin Edit: Source: UAW Agreement with Ford (October 2023)
  13. Upgrade of the Silver Lightning - from 400 to 500 V in a winters time

    You might have noticed I'm a motorcycle & drag racing enthusiast, though I'm still running Race Fuel, I've been watching Battery Electric Motorcycles both retail models and custom one off racing bikes. Here is the name sake of my F150 Lightning "Silver Lightning" in the form of a rag bike...
  14. FordPass 4.31.1 update (Performance & Bug Fixes)

    Latest update release available for Android, nothing specific. Minor update 4.31.1 received 11/15/2023