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  1. Superchargers in Native Navigation

    I planned my current trip with ABRP. I used the Public Charging app to navigate to our next charger while the car was charging. Worked for me.
  2. Cybertruck Prices and Trim

    Keep the tonneau cover open for proper ventilation.
  3. Electrician wants to put in a Disconnect for the FCSP

    And, this is just me, but I would install a fusable disconnect. If/when you don't want to use the FCSP anymore, you can use the existing feed to the disconnect for any amperage EVSE. You can then size down the fuses for the amperage you need. Could help when installing a future NACS device...
  4. Electrician wants to put in a Disconnect for the FCSP

    And to clarify for the OP, the #1 aluminum only goes from your panel to the line side of the disconnect. The copper is required for the terminals on the FCSP and must be used on the load side of the disconnect or the whole circuit.
  5. Best route for a trip? NY-TN

    That won't work in this case. The Ford navigation doesn't recognize the Tesla chargers yet. Unless you entered the address of the charger. But it won't recognize it as a place to charge, and might route you differently thinking you hanlve to charge somewhere else. And it also looks like the...
  6. Best route for a trip? NY-TN

    Yes. Make sure on "types of chargers" that you have NACS selected. Now that you have your adaptor, you have no reason to visit an EA station ever again.
  7. Charging prices at Tesla chargers using NACS adapter?

    I can't find the video that was posted on here, but after the guy charged his Lightning, he had some relative show up with their Tesla and compared prices to charge them. This is the screen grab I took.
  8. When to Charge?

    ABC 85% in the spring, summer and fall. 90% in the winter.
  9. Ford NACS adaptor case

    I guess I could lock mine in the console safe. Not a bad idea.
  10. Ford NACS adaptor case

    Are you talking bout trying to fit both in the A2Z case, at the same time? I doubt it. The rough dimensions of the Ford NACS adapter are 5" x 4" x 2.5".
  11. Ford NACS adaptor case

    I don't want to put anything in the pocket behind the seat. Once it gets stretched out, there's no going back. Mine will live under the back seat in the storage area. I just wanted a hard cover on it. I throw rachet straps and tools there. Didn't want the pins damaged.
  12. Ford NACS adaptor case

    Pro tip on the case I ordered, if you cut the edges off the foam ring, it will fill in the gaps. If I keep them, I'll glue them to the sides.
  13. Ford NACS adaptor case

    I've been looking for a case to use for our free adaptor. This is the one I ordered. Is it perfect? No, but I'm satisfied with it. https://www.latnex.com/collections/eva-cases/products/hard-shell-eva-carrying-case I ordered 2 so I can show them side by side, before and after I took apart...
  14. Ford NACS to CCS adaptor lock

    Let us know how it works. It doesn't look like there is fine enough teeth on the strap to get it snug enough, but you can't know until you try it. On my upcoming trip I'm going to use 120 lb test zip ties and a tie gun on it's highest setting to prevent the button from being pushed. Is it...
  15. A2Z Tesla and Charge Fault

    You can look the chargers up to see if they are compatible. Use the filter tool to only look for Superchargers open to other EV's and Magic Dock sites...
  16. Soft paint ?

    Doors are painted on the truck and never removed after. ICE truck doors are removed in the Final building to kit them out, ours aren't.
  17. Anyone else hate the charge port doors?

    I've charged my truck almost every day since I picked it up in October 2022. No problems with the flip down door.