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  1. The Hits Just Keep on Coming (Ford News)

    I am a big fan of EVs too and thought about buying a Tesla as my first electric vehicle. I never liked Elon Musk and didn't want to support him. Fortunately in 2013, I bought the 2014 Ford Focus Electric and loved it so much I bought another 2017 Ford Focus Electric with the larger battery. I...
  2. The Hits Just Keep on Coming (Ford News)

    Exactly! I have two Focus Electrics and love them as much as the truck. I was so upset when they discontinued the FFE since it is such a practical affordable car. I charge all of them with my dryer outlet and have for 10 years.
  3. Non-EV vehicles taking up EV chargers

    As a EV owner since 2014 the struggle is very real and has gotten worse, especially for Teslas parking in EV charging spots for hours and not charging, which causes other EVs to park nearby to stretch the cable to the non EV spot and then when the Tesla leaves, the EV charging spot is open but...
  4. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    I am also a lurker but I want the Massage seats on my Lariat that I think is only available on the Platinum :cry:
  5. Who here had never owned a full-sized crew cab pickup before?

    I got this truck to replace my older 1990 work horse and it is MUCH bigger. I would of preferred a smaller truck but I am getting use to it since it handles well and fits in my garage. It is handy for all the yard waste that I take to the dump every weekend since I don't need to take multiple...
  6. What did you drive before your Lightning?

    a 2014 and a 2017 Ford Focus Electric. Love the sporty drive and didn't want to sell them so I gave them to my parents so they are still in the family with no issues. Ford made a great EV in the FFE and I was very upset when the previous CEO eliminated the EV market in favor of hybrids...
  7. 10 K Refund.

    They have lost me. This is my third Ford EV and I love all of them but I am not loyal to a company that chooses to screw their customers. I had my vehicle one month before the announcement and if I had delayed my order to a later wave, I would of benefited. I wanted an Pro or an XLT but none...
  8. Can the F150 Lightning EV be lowered?

    I would also like it lower so my elderly parents can get in and out easier. I was told by by friend that lowered his BMW not to lower the truck due to the weight of the batteries (I have an ER) and it could mess up the suspension. Instead, I am looking into the larger aftermarket step to replace...
  9. 2023 F-150 Lightning gets price cuts! (7/17/23). Pro now starts at $51,990. XLT priced from $56,990

    I 100% agree! @Ford Motor Company has lost a loyal customer with these shenanigans! If I had waited to make my reservation in the next wave, I would of saved a lot of money and qualified for the rebate. This is a bad business practice in my opinion for a company that says they value customer...
  10. 2023 F-150 Lightning gets price cuts! (7/17/23). Pro now starts at $51,990. XLT priced from $56,990

    I am so upset by this, especially after knowing @Ford Motor Company didn't make a quick decision and this price drop was months in the making and they let all of us 2023 buyers pay more for the vehicle than they know it is worth and that they raised the price knowing the IRA would make us...
  11. 2023 F-150 Lightning gets price cuts! (7/17/23). Pro now starts at $51,990. XLT priced from $56,990

    I was not sent an email about honoring the lower price but I was sent a survey. my response to the survey would of been very different if I did not hear about the price drops. I wrote that I was unhappy with the price of the vehicle and that it did not qualify for the rebate. Everyone should do...
  12. 2023 F-150 Lightning gets price cuts! (7/17/23). Pro now starts at $51,990. XLT priced from $56,990

    @Ford Motor Company should send a check of the difference to those of us that have overpaid. Like many others, I am very upset and this may be my last Ford vehicle. :mad:
  13. For those who have Pro Station Charger, do you have enough capacity to install 80A?

    I have the same situation. I am using the same EVSE as I did with my other 3 EVs and it works fine but slow. I thought the CSP was needed to charge the house during an outage because it had push pull capability that other EVSEs don't have.
  14. For those who have Pro Station Charger, do you have enough capacity to install 80A?

    Will @Ford Motor Company buyback the FSP? It came with the truck and I don't need it and based on this thread, I am not sure that I want to pay the amount to install it :cry:
  15. Dear @FordMotorCompany

    Sorry but I have to disagree and think you are missing out. I have also owner an early model EV (2014 Ford Focus Electric) with no issues so much that we purchased another 2017 FFE. It had the remote features that was lost with the 3G upgrades and that was a disappointment. I love the Lightning...
  16. Driving behind an annoying Lightning

    I put my dogs in the bed of the truck and will occasionally worry about one falling out (they are tethered but a little crazy) so I put the tow camera on the screen and I will see the brake lights light up at night when the regen is on (I keep the one peddle feature on) and the truck is slowing...
  17. Vibration while driving

    AHHH! I saw the little beetle looking car icon with the green lines next to it .. it does turn red when it rubbles but it does it when I am going around a curve in the road.. which is annoying but I am glad that it is not anything serious! Thank you!!!
  18. Vibration while driving

    I did it again this morning when going around a curve.. there was no lane departure lights at all .. just the pulsing vibration. It doesn't do it when I always switch lanes, but the lanes are often poorly marked where I am driving when this happens.
  19. Vibration while driving

    I haven't tried that but I will.. it does it when I am driving straight but could be drifting a bit
  20. Vibration while driving

    Maybe that's it but it seems to happen in a curve in the road too