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  1. Did you buy an extended warranty?

    I did from Zeigler, I don't think there is any point in extending the warranty past 8 years 100k miles because the extended warranty does not cover the power train. https://www.zeiglerfordesp.com/
  2. Problems with charging to 100% -TANGENT

    I'm sorry for the OP for sure. Maybe he read all the amazingly m/kwh posting and said cool. My 8 month and 8k m/kwh is 2.1, my 1 month summer temps and 800 miles is 2.3. The truck is a brick and as usual nobody that buys an ER complains they should have bought am SR.
  3. Efficiency Help

    36psi is spare tire, 42psi is your normal tires. In any case, your truck sounds fine, the temps and wind are your issue most likely. I assume those tires are also stock size too. This is reality for us, it's a brick and a amazing m/kwh posting is misleading from most experience and pretty...
  4. Efficiency Help

    Probably tires, the m/kwh on here is misleading as unless you have the same driving as they do you won't get the same. Mud flaps don't makea difference.
  5. L2 charging burning smell and fried ABS

    I love Tail of the Dragon, but where are you charging in those areas?
  6. Center Screen freezes/reboots

    My 2021 Mach-e got terrible, weeks in shop, parts replaced, nothing stopped it. It's why I went XLT. No reboots so far, 8k miles 8 months.
  7. Tonneau cover reducing range?

    Start watching wind clues like treetop direction, flags, grass fields. I'm a sailor so watching wind is a habit and I notice it with impacts to our truck range very easily. https://www.weather.gov/mfl/beaufort#:~:text=The Beaufort scale is still used today to estimate wind strengths. I had a...
  8. Austin to McAllen, Real World Results

    I can see this sort of, but you either count fuel up at start or at end in cost, not both as trip cost. The fact is fast charging on road trips with the Lightning is normally more expensive, this is not the right use case to sell people on EVs. The best saving is if you charge at home for...
  9. My experience so far with Ford's Build & Price website

    If you want a truck and don't trust the site, then go to a dealership you want to work with and order it there. I'm very sure most Ford customers aren't interested in online orders and goto a dealership, which is an advantage vs Tesla IMO.
  10. Personal best mi/kwh

    Dear God, 2hrs 47min to go 40.7 miles, less then 25mph....
  11. What do you keep in your sub-frunk?

    Ford portable charger, 110v 25 extention cord and NEMI 14-50 25' extention cord. The 14-50 cord is really nice and useful with trips to my mom's house. PlugSaf 25 FT 50 Amp RV/EV Extension Cord Outdoor, 4 Prong Flexible Heavy Duty 6/3+8/1 Gauge STW RV Power Cord Waterproof with Cord Organizer...
  12. Best Deal on a Ford PremiumCare EV??

    Since the battery warranty runs out at 8 years 100k, I don't see any reason to go extended past t he same. These do go up as years and miles increase too, I've bought 4 and best deal is within 1st year.
  13. Lightning vs. Mach-E by Owner (of Both)

    I like what was said above about MME vs Lightning, I started on a 21 MME RWD SR and moved to XLT ER for same reasons as above. I also had numerous issues with the MME center screen malfunctioning after a rash of OTA updates and it was never fixed. I needed the range of ER and traded my MME...
  14. Personal best mi/kwh

    Tesla is v2, so no help in MS, the "fast" charging in MS on this route is 50kw... I'll have a 50kw at a Chevy dealership in Hattiesburg and I'm planning to try sitting at a destination tesla charger as a doctor office parking lot to get 100% before leaving and try to make Tuscaloosa.
  15. Personal best mi/kwh

    For the record I'm not saying posters aren't getting these high m/kwh rates with what they consider normal driving and conditions, I just do not want to mislead people that ask about EV and range is always the 1st question, with high numbers that I've never seen and numerous reviews have also...
  16. Product recommendations for washing / waxing truck?

    Ah dear God do not use dish soap, there are soo many products around to use then Dawn, I can't see a single reason. You could save soo much effort with any Walmart car soap and a quick spray on wet wax application.
  17. Product recommendations for washing / waxing truck?

    One of the best products for removing that gritty finish is Surf City Clayzilla. You can work each section or use the pad on a very soapy finish and remove all of it far easier then a traditional clay bar process. I also like griots garage products and finish off my truck detailing with their...
  18. Personal best mi/kwh

    I dare anyone who thinks they are 2.9 m/kwh to take a straight 72 mph plus drive on an interstate and try to go 380 miles. It's just not happening, this is a brick. If you are happy, awesome, but I'm never telling anyone who is interested in EV to believe the extreme happy path range results.
  19. Personal best mi/kwh

    I find the current trip to be too optimistic for short drives to be honest. I'm holding at 2.1 m/kwh for total 8k miles since Oct 2023. I'm not convinced even with summer Temps it will improve much, my 20 mile commute always is very high the first 15 miles (2.6 to 2.8 normally) and then starts...