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  1. How upside down is everyone and how do you feel about it?

    What about us idiots that paid cash? It’s funny. We learn from our mistakes. I always thought when I was younger, that with years would come wisdom. The problem I keep running to…there’s always new mistakes to make😂
  2. FordPass Update 5.0.0 -- Complete Redesign

    I really like the new look. Functionality? I don’t really have an opinion- they both seem fine. However, for a SR PRO with a 98kwh battery that never goes below 20% or charges above 80%, I’m seeing some pretty wonky charging numbers
  3. Retrax XR, Rhino Rack and 1Up Bike Racks

    As someone who *thought* they did their research, the only regret I have is not getting the shorter bars. Not that the longer ones are bad, but they do poke out a little bit when I look down my side view mirror.
  4. Rear motor death by exsanguination.

    If they can build and continue selling them as new, they can sure as h-e-double hockey-stick fix the ones people have already purchased. And if they won’t , listen to what they’re telling people who already bought.
  5. Planetary emergency or squirrel fart, pro power running the house

    Wow! you're squeezing all you can outta the 7.2KW
  6. BYD Launches new pick up truck in Mexico

    I don’t even have to click. It’s the shark. I just learned of it recently. Time will tell if it’s junk or not.
  7. Charge Station Pro Overheating and restarting issues

    If the breaker isn’t tripping, I don’t think that will have any effect on this issue- although 100% it needs to be larger.
  8. Rear motor rattling with red fluid leaking

    First off, very impressed with your observational powers, able to note and take action before the vehicle left you stranded. Sorry to hear you’re going through this, I think it’s something all of us fear at this point. Please keep the updates coming, and good luck
  9. Brake Job -- Anyone?

    Good tip. Every now and then, I’ll slide into neutral while cruising at 50+ and come to a stop just using brakes (no regen in N)
  10. Tesla starting to rehire supercharger folk

    Just my two cents, Reading between the lines, Elon feels the competitive advantage Tesla once enjoyed with ev’s is diminished daily, and with all the federal subsidies on the charger network, he likely sees the same. He was quoted the other day as saying it was a mistake to think of Tesla as a...
  11. Charging while also using Pro Power Onboard

    I suspect something isn’t right with either some hardware or your set up, or software. I have no problem using my truck as a giant storage battery back up, zero issues charging while supplying power, I can unplug and plug in without issue. The only thing worth mentioning, is when I unplug the...
  12. Tesla starting to rehire supercharger folk

    This reminds me of an old Henry Ford anecdote. He hit the wrong button on an elevator while he was heading up to his office with his assistant by his side. The doors opened to the accounting floor. He saw desk after desk of people not producing revenue, and fired the entire floor on the...
  13. Squirrelly Steering Near Max Payload

    I think you experience the magic carpet ride anytime you’re near Max payload in every truck I’ve ever driven.
  14. Historic wave of tariffs on 'strategic' Chinese imports

    Volvo S90 already made in China. BYD currently building a manufacturing plant Mexico. Without tariffs and subsidies, the Chinese market would likely soon bury US EV manufacturers with affordable ev’s. And that’s exactly what they intend to do.
  15. Enteligent now has a DC-DC Solar EV charger for pre-order

    Fairly new start-up, specs may be changing. Interesting product, but I’m not quite sure what it does? I guess it would be DC slow charging?
  16. Personal best mi/kwh

    The only thing that confuses me is why Ford left out certain numbers on the average miles per kilowatt display. I just don’t understand why “this trip” or trip 2 will never read 2.6, or 3.0. Today today after 40 miles of city driving I’m still teetering between 2.9, and 3.1 on both “this...
  17. Personal best mi/kwh

    Just out of curiosity, why does it skip from 2.5 to 2.7? And why does it skip from 2.9 to 3.1? What does Ford have against 2.6 and 3.0?
  18. Battery Management Recall

    Like the others, I suspect they are referring to the customer service program, and that is likely referring to the low-voltage battery sensor. Unless the person speaking knew your VIN And looked it up, he was really just guessing. Take a look at your FordPass app, or log into your ford.com...
  19. Personal best mi/kwh

    I can average between 2.9 and 3.2city driving maximum of about 50mph no wind in there and back situation. Add a little wind it may go as low as 2.7 to 2.8. Jump on the interstate and that goes out the window
  20. Pro Power on Board while driving

    It does automatically shut down the bed outlets as soon as you remove the charging cable, so you’ll need to re-enable the pro-power outlets (and hit the start button) to begin re-using them