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  1. Spare tire lock

    The lock partially hidden by the seatbelt on my Lariat.
  2. BuiltRight Molle panels installed

    I don’t think the bed lights are affected that much, but you could easily cut out the area over the light. There is 1/2” clearance below the bottom of the side rails and 3”+ on the bulkhead.
  3. What did you replace with your Lightning?

    2011 Chevy Silverado LTZ Extended Cab 4wd. Bought it new and only put 90k on it. I would still be driving it if the Lightning didn’t show up. I kept it for a couple months to make sure I was happy with the Lightning.
  4. BuiltRight Molle panels installed

    Installed the BuiltRight Molle Panels to organize the bed
  5. Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

    Be patient, I applied on 8/17 and rebate check was issued 10/13.
  6. Who here has taken delivery of a Lightning and had NO issues with it?

    After 5 1/2 months and 8500 miles, I can't recall and issue that wasn't resolved by reading the Owners Manual or the posts on this forum. Most of my issues turned out to by me not understanding the operation or the idiosyncrasies of an EV. This truck has exceeded my expectations and I love it...
  7. Mobile Power Cord Constantly Faulting Out

    I can confirm that my mobile charger does not like cold weather. I have tested it on both 120v and 240v circuits at 17F to 35F and it faults out. When it is kept in a warm environment it works as expected.
  8. Mobile Power Cord Constantly Faulting Out

    I’m having the same problem with the mobile power cord. Last week we were at a vacation rental and 120v kept faulting out. I tested back home in the garage and it worked, so I blamed it on the circuit. Last night I plugged into 240v at a RV park and it faulted out several times. This time I had...
  9. Just installed this Dash Cam in 5 minutes

    I have both the front and rear Fitcam, I even use it when parking sometimes. I just leave the truck on, shut the lights and heat or A/C off. Then lock the doors.
  10. 2200 miles 54 hour road trip with an 8 month old

    Great information. I will be taking much of the same route next week, except leaving from Redmond Oregon and picking up your route in Boise and ending in Denver. Did you travel a 80 mph along I-84 through Idaho and Utah?
  11. Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

    Great news, Oregon CVRP has approved our trucks for the rebate. I just submitted the application online. The email said all trims so I guess the Platinum would qualify as well. Oregon CVRP 3:32 PM (3 hours ago) to me Good afternoon Daniel, Thank you for your...
  12. Smart hitch, app says not operational

    I have used the smart hitch, it worked great to adjust my weight distribution hitch. Also the scales work. Build week was May 9.
  13. Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

    Lariat EV Owners: Has anyone had any success at applying for the $2500 rebate? When I attempt to submit my application online my VIN # is rejected. According to the Eligibility List the Lariat ER is eligible, but the Platinum is not because its GVWR is above 8500 lbs. The GVWR on my truck...
  14. Pro Trailer Hitch Assist via OTA update for MY22?

    Your right, I was referring to the smart hitch feature. I'm not sure that I would need the auto backup to hitch the trailer, the camera's are great, I have no trouble backing the truck up to the hitch.
  15. Pro Trailer Hitch Assist via OTA update for MY22?

    Its on my truck and it works. I have hauled my trailer twice and it is very helpful for adjusting the Weight Distribution Hitch.
  16. Leer Tonneau cover installed

    Here is a good description on you tube