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  1. NACS-to-NACS extension cable

    V4 chargers have magic docks, screens, and NFC readers.
  2. NACS-to-NACS extension cable

    I think Magic Dock locations qualify, as long as the CCS adapter is tethered to the dispenser.
  3. Matrix (Glare Free) headlights - inner workings

    Is there anything in particular with FMVSS 108 that makes it better for the USA? When the matrix headlight law was passed I just assumed they would just adopt the EU regulations. I activated the matrix function in my Lightning and it was the best quality of lighting I have ever experienced...
  4. Matrix (Glare Free) headlights - inner workings

    I'd temper your optimism. NHTSA's FMVSS 108 rules are dissimilar enough from other countries that they require software and hardware changes, so it's not a matter of just flipping a switch. Existing vehicles with matrix headlight hardware may never be activated. It's a shame that they just...
  5. GMC Sierra Denali EV on the Way?

    I also got contacted by my dealer about the Sierra EV. I'm probably not going to go through with the order because we're happy with our current vehicles, but I'll be excited to finally see them on the road.
  6. I charged on a Supercharger

    Can you find a friend with a non-Ford vehicle and try to charge with the adapter?
  7. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    I can choose a dispenser in the app and 'initiate charging' with my credit card info, just like the magic dock locations. I don't know what happens after that, though. @tommolog and out of spec kyle are uniquely positioned to answer that question, though, since they both have adapters
  8. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    @tommolog any plans to test this with your A2Z adapter? I'm especially interested in knowing if you can initiate a charge under a Ford in the app and charge your bolt or rivian instead.
  9. CEO Farley - Testing Ford NACS adapter (photo)

    They have removed the bollards in magic dock locations for that reason. They have also had to remove bollards in non magic dock locations to accommodate Cybertrucks.
  10. This is about how seriously Wisconsin takes electric vehicle charging infrastructure...

    That's a great place for employees to plug in their block heaters. Kwik Trips are ideal locations for fast chargers IMO. A charge, a Karuba Coffee and a peanut butter crispy bar would be a dream.
  11. Good EA charge session. Held max rate longer than expected

    I've always thought that the F150 had enough thermal overhead for a beefier charge curve. @tommolog might have some insight into this. If there is an updated curve it would be interesting to see how it compares to the CT.
  12. Tesla Supercharger network now up to 66 locations with Magic Dock (4/17/24)

    These are the locations with the new V4 dispensers. To my knowledge, these are the first V4's that have activated magic docks.
  13. Cybertruck rescues Ford Lightning in New Tesla Commercial

    It's true, although they're apparently promising that feature in an update.
  14. Cybertruck rescues Ford Lightning in New Tesla Commercial

    Too bad the CT inverter outlets can't be used while the vehicle is charging.
  15. Received A2Z EV (NACS to CCS) adapter today

    A rendered photo is not a product. There's lots of promises on that page that will be hard to keep.
  16. Tesla Superchargers

    I looked at plug share and it looks like a lot of the issues were caused by ice and snow jammed in the supercharger dispenser. I agree that there were probably a lot of people who were unfamiliar with the realities of a cold-soaked battery. It's probably a good idea to travel with a hair...
  17. Good article on state of NEVI funding of chargers

    Ironically, I think the infrastructure bill contributed to delayed rollout of new chargers. I would bet that construction planned prior to signing of bill was put on hold pending availability of grant money. For example, it made no sense for Pilot/EVGo/GM to food the bill for the Ultium...
  18. Dear Ford, you've lost your mind

    I find that posts containing ALL CAPS should generally be ignored. Trust me, Blue Cruise is miles ahead of the Rivian equivalent (Driver +) but probably not worth what they're asking for it.
  19. 50 kWh DC Fast Chargers popping up all over Wisconsin

    They're finally getting around to spending the VW mitigation trust money from 2019. A 50 kW charger is better than nothing but I'm glad the IRA funds require 150 kW chargers.