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  1. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    Which truly defeat the purpose. In the majority of cases, it doesn't make sense to sit there at 64kW. If it's available, you're better off hopping to the next charger and grabbing 167kW. I've got an OBDII that I've used on a couple of road trips but realistically not many people are going to...
  2. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    Yea, both of mine occurred after the 2nd DCFC before the 3rd. Start 100%. 1st DCFC @ <5% up to 80% 2nd DCFC @ 30% up to 70%-80% 2nd time was the same except I ran her to 5-10% on both cycles instead of under 5%. I’ve never had an issue normally or on AC or off a single DCFC. So I do still...
  3. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    Only on repeated charge cycles. I still trust her on a day to day basis.
  4. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    I had the BMS update when I ran out the 2nd time. I also had a module replaced which I’m told is supposed to help but I haven’t pushed it since then.
  5. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    I wouldn’t go that far…I’ve done plenty of road trips with the Lightning. It’s a phenomenal long distance truck. The most I’ve done is 1200 miles in the span of 48 hours. I would not hesitate to do that trip again. I would just do it differently. Instead of running it to less than 5% I would...
  6. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    This is the only EV I have ever had issues with. Owned over a dozen, over a million miles on EVs and I have never run out of juice except on the Lightning.
  7. Battery went from 7% to 0 and left me stranded 6 miles from charger.

    It’s a BMS problem. The truck struggles with repeated charging / road tripping. It’s not a consistent thing, which makes it even worse. The Out Of Spec guys had this happen to them twice as well when road tripping. Ford confirmed the BMS issue. The truck needs a resting period (IIRC 20-30min...
  8. How long will our batteries last?

    [ I always respond the same: “About the same as an engine and transmission replacement from what I hear, but I’ve got a couple nearing 200,000 miles and haven’t needed to replace one yet so I’m not exactly sure” I find that response usually sparks a more genuine conversation about the EV.
  9. Favorite model year and why?

    Agreed, 2022 right or wrong is the way Ford intended for the truck. Impressive how they pushed through constraints in that year and launched at the price point they did. Also the only year for Smoked Quartz. IMO 2023 is the most shafted year. Between deletes, price increases, missing out on the...
  10. Copilot knows the free adapter delivery dates

    I’ll have a used Lectron for sale in a couple of weeks. I picked it up to bridge me until my adapter came. I’m sure there are others who will be able to offer the same once June hits. I wouldn’t fret over it too much. Worst case, AZ is on a 3 week backlog.
  11. Sound Settings for B&O

    Unfortunately for me, I hear all the tones. My wife's high tones, low tones, middle tones. I couldn't tell you what she said, but I definitely hear the tone.
  12. Running the Battery to 0%

    That’s one status that was available in ForScan that wasn’t available in CarScanner (that I saw). There’s a sensor in the BECM that read the rebalancing.
  13. Running the Battery to 0%

    Decided to bump up the OBD reading from CarScanner against FORScan today and the values were exactly the same. Doesn’t help a ton but it at least eliminates some of the potential concerns about app interpretation.
  14. Running the Battery to 0%

    Which is why we have to try to figure it out by posting wildly inaccurate information to get your reaction.
  15. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    When are you going? I had to pick up (and overpay) for an adapter this week because I needed it for this weekend. I have another trip early June and going down 81 past Carlisle towards Hagerstown/70. If it’s after my trip I’d be happy to sell or loan you mine. If it’s during my trip we can play...
  16. Any problems at Tesla Supercharger with A2Z?

    I found the reverse. While Supercharging my Tesla I saw a station had Magic dock installed but wasn’t noted in the app as being Magic Dock or NACS compatible. Came back next morning with the Lightning and an adapter to test it, Plug n Charge initiated. I got 161kW, charged for a min grabbed...
  17. Running Board and Headlight Prices

    You’re just looking at it wrong. When something fails, you just buy a new truck. Just make sure you sell all your other parts. Off of a single running board and a single headlight, you’re already $2k closer to a brand new Pro.
  18. Missing fast charger in Ford Nav

    I haven’t used the Nav in a while but I also remember the same. Submit a voice feedback to Ford…if you got that update.
  19. What is the maximum speed for the F150 Lightning?

    After about 100mph, I’m pretty sure the speedometer is inversely related at a 1:1 ratio to the battery meter. 0.0000001mi/kWh!
  20. Brake Job -- Anyone?

    You forgot the black colored ones. They're typically on vehicles that have slicks that are somehow marked as All-Season. When I see those cars, I see this and I just walk away..