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Search results

  1. Speed sensor failure

    Good evening, My truck, 2023 Lariat 511a ER, has developed a problem. I was driving in rain this evening, nothing too crazy, but while in cruise it would seem I've lost the speed sensor. The cruise kicked off and multiple abs/traction faults appeared. Truck went off 1 pedal and displayed no...
  2. Audio drop outs while using android auto.

    Good day everyone! I've been having a problem with random audio dropouts ever since the last update in november/December. While listening to Spotify, the audio would just cut out seemingly randomly and some days would be more frequent than others. The only way to get audio back was to...
  3. Bonkers Fordpass charging and precon shenanigans

    Woke up this morning to a fordpass message saying the cabin precon was ready at 0400h exactly. The truck is supposed to charge to 85% between 2200h and 0700h and departure for 0600. Stupid truck started charging at 0400, from 49% and cabin precon was ready again for 0600. Going to have to...