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  1. This fell out of my power tailgate

    Any clue what it is anybody? The above picture shows something still in there, the below picture shows what fell out. It’s the hole in the tailgate bottom just above the the spot for the spare tire lock
  2. Anybody else have a scratch on their windshield here?

    Sitting in the rain tonight I noticed a long scratch straight up my windshield as the rain followed it down the glass. I can feel it with my fingernail. Curious if it’s a common manufacturing defect. It’s not where the wiper sits.
  3. Headlight condensation

    This into new headlight territory? Per the manual I think it is. Thoughts? Here’s the “good” light.
  4. If you just bought an extended warranty

    Check the pricing now vs when you bought, if it was in the past 30 days. I saw Granger’s posts about the new pricing last month and they were expecting an increase in price, as was I. However, it looks like pricing for the 10/125 I bought may have actually dropped, so I’m trying to get in touch...
  5. Regular cruise control without warning?

    I disabled adaptive cruise in the system menu, not interested in using it. However everytime I push the Cruise control button on the steering wheel, I get a notification telling me that adaptive cruise is off. Is there a way to use regular cruise without the warning? It seems to be once per...
  6. Instrument cluster regen behavior.

    When I’m in heavy regeneration the power/regen/battery level display splits and has a large green area at the bottom of it. I checked the manual but didn’t find information on it unless I’m blind. Can anybody tell me what this means? thanks!
  7. Audio center front speaker only

    New 2023 lariat er, strong sound from center front speaker, if I move the fade/balance around I can hear sound very faintly from the other speakers. This is my first new vehicle in 24 years, where do I start to fix this?