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  1. How upside down is everyone and how do you feel about it?

    My wife and I are fortunate enough to have been able to pay for the truck in cash as well, but we financed the full amount anyway. Stuck the money in CDs and other conservative investments. Should be up ~$8-10K (after subtracting interest and taxes) when the loan is paid off. That said...
  2. Ford tells dealers to PAUSE EV investments while it alters certification program

    So, when gas prices inevitably sky rocket again one day, are they just gonna about-face one more time?
  3. Favorite model year and why?

    Nice! That's pretty much what I paid for my XLT SR. Was that without a trade-in by chance? That's a crazy good deal if so.
  4. Favorite model year and why?

    Agree overall. If you were getting a higher end 2023 MY trim you likely got shafted by price increases, deletes, or high interest rate financing options. Or all three.
  5. Favorite model year and why?

    We've had some interesting changes in the 3 years this truck has been available. $40K pro and the most color options in 2022, heated seats standard and a slightly increased EPA range for 2023 SR models, and a heat pump and the new Flash trim for 2024 (to name a few). What's your favorite model...
  6. Historic wave of tariffs on 'strategic' Chinese imports

    My knee jerk reaction is I'd be a proponent of the increased tariffs if I thought it meant any of the auto makers that sell in the USA would pivot towards making more affordable EVs. They won't*. Instead of putting in the work, they'll just lobby for every possible loophole and subsidy until it...
  7. F-150 Lightning April 2024 Sales Up 56.6% YoY

    Cool but wasn't there a stop sale this time last year?
  8. Tesla fires whole Supercharger team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue]

    WTF? Wasn't Tesla given federal dollars to roll out more super chargers.? Are they just trying to pocket that now?
  9. Tailgate fell off, lol

    I'm like 90% sure I don't have one of these retaining bolts either. Otherwise, I would have had to remove it while adding in the OEM tailgate damper and I definitely didn't do that. I have a spray in bed line too. I'd go check to be sure, but I've got a tailgate lock on it and I'd have to...
  10. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Helped a friend haul some mulch. There's probably close to 2 yards in there which was prooooobably over weight by a few hundred pounds. 😅 Gonna avoid that much in the future so I can keep my suspension in good shape over the years, but the truck didn't seem to mind. Will also be lining the bed...
  11. Update: F-150 Lightning Fast Charging Tesla Adapters Start Shipping TODAY Per Ford!

    Mine arrived today as well. My order number ended in 420, is that the 3 digit number you all are referring to?
  12. Software Priority Update: 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD - Refined Audio

    Off topic but wanted to add that as a software engineer in the trade for over 13 years now I've never been asked for build notes. I'd be curious if you or anyone else had a different experience. For anyone interested, most often, we're given a task to do formulated into the phrase "As a user I...
  13. Reduce your registration cost (in PA, at least)

    Other thoughts: I have no idea if this same logic applies to commercial usage. If you buy a hummer EV or silverado EV with the giant battery pack it'll probably be classified as class 4 and registration would cost $262 annually. OOF!
  14. Reduce your registration cost (in PA, at least)

    Disclaimer: This advice is Pennsylvania specific but I'd be surprised if dropping your weight class wasn't common in other states. Short story: As long as your truck is under 7,000 lbs unladen in PA there's a good chance you can reduce your weight class rating from Class 3 to Class 2 and save a...
  15. Ford NACS Adapter Just Shipped

    I was thinking of doing this very same prank. 🤣
  16. SR towing capacity

    I saw a video where someone overheated in normal mode but they were fine after they switched to tow/haul mode -- there's probably other benefits too that I don't know about because I don't tow. I think it boosts the cooling regardless of tow package. So, make sure you're in tow/haul mode...
  17. CSP-23B70 Certain 2022-23 F-150 Lightnings - BMS Sensor Replacement

    Got this taken care of almost a month ago and still have the notice for it in the app. I remember reading it could take awhile to clear though. Just weird because my other CSPs cleared right away.
  18. Failed (OTA) Update bricked my 2023 F150L

    An inoperable vehicle due to a software update is unacceptable. Sorry that happened to you. I saw some comments about being worried that this could happen during an outing. What I do to mitigate this (somewhat) is I schedule updates only to occur at 1AM. There's just a high probability that my...
  19. Rotary shifter possible

    That's pretty cool! I wonder what happens when they press the L? I thought the shifter folding down was really cool when I saw it in an ad for the lightning. But now having it for awhile I think I've only pushed the shifter down once legitimately. Most of the time I push it down just to show...
  20. Safety Recall, 24S11, Certain '23 MY Lightnings, HVJB Bus Bar Retention Nuts

    I wonder how they're dealing with lightnings that were built during this time but had their battery packs replaced during the stop-ship last Jan/Feb?